When I published my historical fiction The Women in the Wing, I was at a loss as to how to spread the word. I researched book review sites and chose to work with I was so pleased with the results that I continued to use their author's services. Fair and comprehensive reviews, personal communications, and a good exposure keep me coming back.

Jean Sheldon, author of The Women in the Wing

"BESTSELLERSWORLD makes for the perfect recipe for all of us promotional-starved authors. This cutting edge site is as erudite as it is prestigious. My own experience, going back several books now, shows BESTSELLERWORLD to be a great means of getting the word out to a book-hungry public, and I've been especially impressed with the quality and professionalism of the site administrators and reviewers who are second to none in their sensitivity and thoughtfulness. With Sunday newspaper book sections rapidly becoming a thing of the best, BESTSELLERSWORLD is poised to pick up at least a portion of the mantel for the future."

Jon Land, author of numerous bestselling novels including Betrayal written with Robert Fitzpatrick.

The second most exciting thing about publishing your book is to see it spotlighted on This is the place to be, authors. Nancy Eaton cares about your books and presents them beautifully. Her newsletter is top priority for readers, as well as the publishing industry.

Jean Blasiar, author of several bestselling books including the Emmy Budd Mystery Series and Communion written with Jonathan Marcantoni

Nancy Eaton's BESTSELLERSWORLD has been a literary world's godsend for those of us long unwanted or uncared for by the mainstream media and so called 'establishment literary world'. Her insight into the modern world of literary changes is cutting edge and her reviews are old-fashioned fair, tough and most importantly wanted by every writer trying to carve out a niche. I proudly recommend her services to any writer of any genre.

Sam Moffie, author of several books including The Book of Eli, No Mad, Swap, and The Organ Grinder,

' provided not only a great and insightful review concerning Communion, but also a fantastic platform for people around the world to become informed of our work. Not only has the exposure afforded to us by helped sell our book, it has also brought attention to my blog, which has received numerous views from this site. The people at have been kind, courteous and generous in their time and attention to Communion.'

Jonathan Marcantoni, author of Communion written with Jean Blasiar

I’m eager to comment on, especially Nancy Eaton, whose professional and personal approach, convince me to advertise on her website. I was provided with one of the best book reviewers Douglas R. Cobb who wrote an excellent five-star review on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’m considering using Bestsellers world again for future promotions. Without reservation or qualification I would strongly endorse and recommend as a site that can get you positive results.

Mike Papasavas, author of Three Grains of Wheat

I’m extremely satisfied with the professionalism and quick service provided. My fantasy/anthropomorphic book, The Tides of Avarice - A Sagaria Legend was extremely well treated. They gave the book the exposure and promotion boost it needed. As a result, my sales have increased considerably thanks to the knowledgable people at These people really know their business. Being both a traditionally published and self published author, I would highly recommend their services and their PR proficiency to any writer who wants to have their books handled with the outmost care, professionalism, book promotion and witness the amazing results.

John Dahlgren, author of The Tides of Avarice - A Sagaria Legend

Thank you! Your team did a very nice job.

Martha Guidry, author of Marketing Concepts That Win! Save Time, Money and Work Crafting Concepts Right the First Time.

Having finally gotten published, I realized that the hard work was not done, but only beginning. Now I had to get the word out and find an audience for my book, Chasing Her Destiny. It was my lucky day when I surfed the web and found I sent them my novel and kept my fingers crossed while praying for a positive review. Less than 3 weeks later, I got my review and it was stupendous. They are stupendous. Check out their services. You won't regret it.

Terri Friedlander, author of Chasing Her Destiny. is the place to go to spread the word about your books. I realized after the first time I utilized the site that I would be back for any future books I publish and here I am, back again!

Mike Saxton, author of 7 Scorpions: Rebellion and 7 Scorpions: Revolution.

Nancy Eaton does an excellent job of managing the review process. I always received a prompt response to my questions. For an author, that attention to detail is invaluable.

Ronald R. Cooke, author of The Angels' Footpath: Let’s Take This Walk Together reviewed my first book in a very professional way which may seem to be expected but this is unfortunately not the case with some review sites. For me, the sign of a good review is that it objectively highlights those aspects of the book that make it worth reading as well as how the book could have been improved. In addition, the review also offers potential readers the chance to see and feel how a professional reviewer reacted to the book and this can be quite eye opening for potential readers who may be making the decision if the book is worth their time, energy and effort.

Marty Martin, author of The Inner World of Money: Taking Control of Your Financial Decisions and Behaviors

I have nothing but praise for Bestsellersworld, and how they conduct their business. The review I received from Chris Phillips was one of the most insightful and thorough reviews I’ve seen anywhere. He grasped the subtleties of the book, and, he understood why the story needed to be told in the manner it was.

Nancy Eaton also, was a pleasure to deal with. Thorough, followed up on all details, and ensured that everything went smoothly from start to finish. I would enthusiastically recommend Bestsellersworld to any author who is looking to be featured on a class site, and who is looking for an honest and thorough review.

Giacomo Giammatteo, author of Murder Takes Time: The Friendship & Honor Series

I have gathered other favorable reviews but this was the most comprehensive and insightful.The entire process was seamless and the review was done in a most professional and timely manner.I would recommend this service without qualification.

S.J. Tagliareni, author of Hitler's Priest

My novel has been reviewed in a few places, including Kirkus, but the review done by Bestsellersworld was the most thoughtful. The reviewer didn't just feed back a synopsis with a comment or two. He understood and discussed the book's underlying themes. Also, I got excellent turnaround and very good service.

Charles Phillips, author of The Sharpshooter 1862-64

It was a great pleasure to work with Nancy Eaton. I am very happy with her services. She works in a well-organized and professional way, producing good results in a short time. Working day and night, seven days a week, she does a really great job. She is quick to answer, listens carefully to you and does all to keep you satisfied. I am also extremely happy with the review I got from Douglas R. Cobb. Mr. Cobb wrote it in a very professional and delicate way and then posted it on eleven websites. His interview questions were made in close conjunction with the review, giving me a great opportunity to elaborate more on delicate things related to my book. I already got many enthusiastic comments on my interview. My website traffic has significantly increased. I am sure it will convert in huge book sales. I have tried many book marketing services before. Unfortunately, it was just a waste of money and time. I was deeply disappointed with them. However, I am deeply convinced that this time I´ve made a very clever investment. If I need to promote my book in the future, I´ll refer to Nancy Eaton again.

Leyla Atke, author of Charm: An Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat

Bestsellersworld has reviewed two of my books and both reviews were thoughtful and insightful. I was also very impressed with the level of attention they paid to promoting the books and to the personal service provided. I highly recommend Bestsellersworld and will be asking for their valued opinion on future works.

James Raven, author of Malicious and Random Targets

*Bestsellersworld* delivered the review promptly and before the date promised. Communication was excellent. The reviewers have an excellent ability to boil down the essence of a book, a la reviewers at *Publishers Weekly*, *Kirkus Reviews* and other top industry players. Highly recommended to all."

Jeremy Bates, author of Suicide Forest and White Lies

With its excellent, personal and timely service, is a valuable and pleasant resource for an author.

Patrick Garry, author of Blind Spots and Finding Flipper Frank

I have experienced an honest and timely review for my novel. The staff was wonderful to work with and was interested in a true representation of my book. I look forward to working with BestSeller's World in the future as more opportunities to have other works of mine start to see publication.

John Collings, author of Hell, and God, and Nuns with Rulers

The service at Bestsellersworld is outstanding. Nancy’s work ethic is nothing short of amazing. I am very grateful for her sense of urgency and professionalism. I submitted my book for a review and she advised me that it would take a few weeks, but what I like the most is the fact that she emailed me accordingly and kept me in the loop from start to finish. I will use their services again, and I strongly recommend Bestsellersworld.

Nesly Clerge, author of When a Serpent Bites

I cannot say enough great things about Nancy Eaton and First, they had the courage to take on my difficult and unconventional book and then treated it in an extremely professional and sensitive manner. From the very beginning and throughout, the updates and lines of communication from Nancy were timely and prompt. The review by Lisa Brown-Gilbert was thorough and honest and one of the most thought-provoking of any review I have ever received. The promotional aspects of my service package exceeded my expectations as well. For independent authors and books that need to reach their audiences, is a sound investment and worth every penny!

Christopher E. Pelloski, MD, author of Trauma, Shame and the Power of Love: The Fall and Rise of a Physician Who Heals Himself

I found Bestsellersworld to be a very professional book review site. My book was read and reviewed in a very prompt manner. My book is also featured on their website and newsletter. I would highly recommend Bestsellersworld to any author looking for a fair review and a means to promote their work.

Colm McElwain, author of James Clyde and the Diamonds of Orchestra

I highly recommend Nancy Eaton’s Bestsellesworld services to any writer of any genre looking to promote and help launch a new title. I received a top notch review and interview, and was impressed by the immediate publicity which went out to a variety of book and news sites targeting book readers. Another nice feature of this site is a link to amazon and my author site.

Susan Joyce, author of Good Morning Diego Garcia and The Lullaby Illusion

Great work. Very happy with the honest review and other services, delivered as promised. Good value and I would recommend.

Susi Wright, author of A Question of Power (The Fire Chronicles Book 2)

I value honest reviews from legitimate syndicates, and Bestsellersworld does just that. The communication from the administrator was fantastic, and they stay on top of the process and provided me with any updates or concerns. Best yet, once the review is complete, Bestsellersworld will post it to Amazon, along with sending out a mention of your book in their monthly newsletter. This group makes marketing, and obtaining a review much easier, allowing authors more time to work on their books.

Ezekiel Cartwright, author of End Matter.

Excellent review, fair and fast. I will use this service again!

Murray Lee Eiland Jr., author of The Wanderer’s Last Journey (The Orfeo Saga Book 4).

I am very impressed with BestSellersWorld and their level of professionalism. Not only were they timely, they were extremely detailed in their review of Culmination. The reviewer offered a fresh perspective of the work I put so much time, effort, and heart into. With an ever growing demand for honest reviews, it is often difficult to find anyone willing to provide a review, much less within a decent timeframe. I will seek reviews from BestSellersWorld in the future.

Holly Smith, author of Culmination.

Bestsellerworld was recommended to me by a lot of blogs and I am so glad that I listened. The experience has been very smooth. Nancy has been very prompt in communicating the next steps throughout our engagement and has ensured that my book was reviewed by an accomplished reviewer. I'm extremely happy with the services and I'd highly recommend them to anyone seeking a greater exposure for their books!

Nikhil Kumar, author of Anya's Lyric

When it comes to book promotion, we authors want two things. Firstly, someone who delivers what they promise. Secondly, someone who does it fast. Bestsellersword excels in both fronts. In addition to being very efficient, Nancy Eaton provides an excellent communication service and is someone who takes care of details, making it a pleasure to work with her.

Javier Ramon Brito, author of The Five Paths to Happiness.

Working with Bestsellersworld couldn't have been easier. They were quick, professional, and delivered as advertised. I will definitely be back when I publish my next book.

Adam Aust, author of A Glitch in the System

All I can say is that after a very professional, thoughtful, and timely review by Teri Davis combined with the 5 star service and communication by Nancy Eaton is that I'm one author who is absolutely "hooked" on and will be back for more!

John Arvai III, author of Off the Hook: A Christmas Ornament Adventure

Thank you so much for everything! I am very grateful for all of the work you folks put into my book review and the great banner you prepared. The whole process was extremely professional!

Arnold Eslava-Grunwaldt, author of Half-Cut (The Cut Series Book 1)

I was extremely impressed with Best Sellers World. Nancy Eaton answered all of my questions quickly and professionally, and Suzanne Odom’s review and interview were excellent.

I recently researched alternative review options after reading of the declining quality of traditional reviewing sources. Someone suggested I am delighted that I listened. Nancy was prompt in responding to my inquiry, professional in making arrangements, answering my questions and in follow up. Teri was quick in completing the review, but more importantly I greatly appreciated her comments and perspective.

Michael Roueche, author of Tempting Skies: Book Three, Beyond the Wood Series was quick to write a critique and professional to put an add on their homepage.

Werner Neff, author of Reclaim American Democracy

Efficient, accommodating, reliable service with prime value. Very satisfied with reviews for literary fiction novels and a collection of short stories. Recommended to all authors as an established resource for publicity.

William H. Coles, author of The Spirit of Want, The Guardian of Deceit, Short Fiction of William H. Coles 2000-2016, and McDowell.

It was a pleasure working with Bestsellersworld. I felt I was dealing with real human beings who care about the Book world. The review of my book was insightful and positive, but not uncritical. I would recommend them with confidence to other writers.

A P McGrath, author of A Burning in the Darkness.

I'm very pleased with the quality of service offered by Bestsellersworld. Their reviewer, Dianne Woodman, wrote an excellent review of my novel. Overall, Bestsellersworld is an excellent choice for indie authors seeking a high-quality professional review for their novel.

Chandra Shekhar, author of Mock My Words.

Among the seemingly countless review sites on the Web, I believe that is a genuine standout. I have submitted two novels to be reviewed, and in both cases have received insightful, fair, and well-written comments. Their attention to detail, promptness, and customer service is flat-out excellent. I recommend them without reservation.

Iolanthe Woulff, author of Stainer: A Novel of the 'Me Decade' and She's My Dad.

Thanks. I want to commend you on the efficient and professional manner in which you operate. You should be very proud of your work.

T. Wayne Bloodworth, author of The Perfect Match.

I've been in the media business for forty years and in terms of marketing, promotion, and overall professionalism, Bestsellers World ranks with the best.

James C. McCullagh, author of Chanting the Feminine Down.

As a new author, made the review process very easy and transparent. They respond to emails and keep you updated throughout the process. They have gained a customer for life!

Thanks for helping remove the guesswork and unknowns from the book review submission process.

Keshawn A. Spence, author of Bound by My Choices: How a Death Nearly Broke Me But the Navy Saved Me.

Bestsellersworld provided a strong and accurate review of my epic fantasy book, The Steel Queen. Replete with quotable sparklers, they promoted the review on their newsletter and social media sites. Bestsellersworld is extremely professional. I especially like the way they stayed in contact with me by email for every step of the process.

Karen Azinger, author of The Steel Queen (The Silk & Steel Saga Book 1).

As a newly self published author exposing your work to the public can be a scary proposition but to open it up to reviews is just down right horrific so when I researched BESTSELLERSWORLD I was quite nervous. There was no reason to be, I quickly found out as Nancy Eaton and BESTSELLERSWORLD professionalism, compassion for the craft and overall joy for helping others made it the most pleasurable experience. I was extremely impressed not only with how prompt, professional and caring Nancy was but also how informative and detailed Timea’s review was. It gave me goosebumps when I read it. I would not hesitate to recommend these services and in fact will be using them again for my next book! I can’t wait to see how it effects my book’s sales. Thank you Nancy and Timea for making this process such a wonderful experience. Truly grateful.

Angie Vancise, author of Cry of an Osprey. is an outstanding platform for book reviews and promotional services, helmed by Nancy Eaton, an approachable and top notch professional whose work ethics are par excellence and second to none. My reviewer, Teri Davis, is gracious and generous in her evaluation, constructive yet encouraging and so giving me a marvelous impetus to continue writing in the genre of fictional children’s books. They’ve gone the extra mile to have my review posted in Goodreads and many highly-trafficked sites. Without any reservation, I thoroughly recommend to any author seeking a high-quality professional review and a platform to publicize their work.

N. Reece Ho-Sheffield, author of Reece's Vintage Tales.

As a brand new author to the world of writing. I was fumbling my way through the process and looking for platforms that would help promote my book and give it the credibility I believe it deserves. Good or bad feedback is imperative for authors to grow and to better hone their skill. does a fantastic job with engaging with the author throughout the process of the review and the post of your book live. I was very thrilled with their politeness and professionalism. I highly recommend them and their services. Can't wait to submit my next book.

Drake Taylor, author of The Four Hats of Leadership: Be Who Your People Need You To Be.

Nancy Eaton's Best Seller's World

The "World" in Best Seller's World takes on an epic meaning: World Class Service. This wonderful organization enables self-publishing authors a major avenue in generating book reviews to get their books more visibility in the readers world. The customer service is nothing short of remarkable. Thank you Nancy Eaton and all of the reviewers who help guide us indie authors in the right direction. Well done!

Rob Kortus, author of When Dog Pals Fly Across America.

Nancy Eaton's Best Seller's World

The review we received from Best Seller's World is something that we plan to use in publicity and sales for years to come. The prices were reasonable, too. Nancy Eaton was approachable and responsive to my emails. In a saturated market, it takes an army to create buzz; Best Seller's World is definitely an option to consider.

Nicholas Tana, author of Monsters Are Afraid of Babies.

All of us out here in this crazy world share at least one thing. No matter if we're looking for a plumber, an electrician or even a reliable bank, we want to find folks who are honest and fair. Nancy Eaton and her BestSellersWorld goup are just that! She goes the extra step to make sure authors have as many tools as possible with which to work. The reviewers give honest and fair reviews and I am elated with Dianne Woodman's review of my book "Kensington."

Robert Haydon, author of Kensington: A Memoir About Friendship, Love and Life in a Small Town. is the light in the dark world of book reviews. Nancy Eaton carefully chose a qualified reviewer, Teri Davis, who gave my book an honest, well written review. She captured the heart of my book and rendered a review that reflected her understanding of true theme and purpose in my writing the book. should be the chosen location for authors who want a genuine review. Nancy Eaton completed the tasks in a timely manner and always kept me informed about each step of the process. She also offered helpful information which will aid me in promoting my book. I am more than pleased with

Willie Etta Wright, author of Grandma Mable, Are You Able?

To say that I was pleased with the service I received from BestSellersWorld is an understatement. The caring with which background material was chosen and integrated with the impressive depth of my book's review was stunning. I was constantly kept informed and my thoughts were solicited all along the way. Nancy Eaton's handling of the entire process was professional, timely and a pleasure to be a part of. Many thanks to you, Nancy, and your gifted support team. Bravo!

Bill Pinnell, author of The Offspring

Nancy Eaton's BESTSELLERSEWORLD was run like the world class organization that it is. Nancy is a professional from start to finish. She's there for you and is quick to respond to your questions and concerns. I highly recommend this company.

Paul Corson, author of Regaining Paradise: Forming a New Worldview, Knowing God, and Journeying into Eternity

I have used this great author service for all my books and once more I have received a professional comprehensive review of "The Little Breadwinner," my seventh published book. But I must say that the "personal" communication afforded to me by Nancy Eaton has been delightful. I will not hesitate to use this service again with my next book in the making: "Weeping Goes Unheard." Missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in North America.

Lucia Mann, author of The Little Breadwinner: War and Survival in the Salvadoran Heartland

I believe there is a lot of bang for your buck here, very reasonable prices for what you receive. There is much exposure for your book, in a variety of ways. It really makes your work look important, which is of course, what you've worked very hard to achieve. A good service that gives an unknown writer a chance to get good exposure for his work, and without getting bankrupted. Everything is well done. I highly recommend Bestsellersworld.

Roger Williams, author of Dangerous Bureau

As an author who has been around the book business for more than a few years now, I've run into my share of people and businesses who are difficult to work with. What a pleasant surprise it was to engage with the folks at Best Sellers World. Courteous, prompt, and professional, they did an outstanding job creating the material for my book, Playing Soldier. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to do some promoting. They won't steer you wrong.

F. Scott Service, author of Playing Soldier

Working with Bestsellersworld was a great experience. They were very friendly and professional throughout, and I received great service. I strongly recommend to all indie authors.

Ryu Takeshi, author of Shadow Shinjuku

This is my first experience with promoting a book and it has been a pleasant one. I found the services affordable; they were delivered timely and professionally. I will certainly use them again.

Val Bardash, author of The Storm

Nancy Eaton of Bestsellersworld provided professional promotional services that boosted my rankings on Amazon. She also designed a banner that I am using in other contexts to promote my book. Thank you, Nancy.

Charlotte Stuart, author of Who, Me? Fog Bows, Fraud and Aphrodite

I am very happy with the service I received from Nancy Eaton and Bestseller's World. The review was thorough and professional and I received it promptly as promised. I recommend Bestseller's World and will definitely use it again for my next book.

James Stewart, author of Mystery at the Blue Sea Cottage: A True Story of Murder in San Diego’s Jazz Age

Over the years I've used many book publicity services and I can honestly say that most fell short of their claims and promises. Not so with They are the real deal. From day one, Nancy Eaton was there to assist me every step of the way. In addition, the professional review of my book was detailed and informative. I look forward to submitting other works to

Ernesto Patino, author of Enough to Make the Angels Weep

An absolutely satisfying experience. I’ve now dealt with review sites, both as an independent and as an author at one of the “Big Five” publishers, and I can honestly say that Nancy Eaton and have been a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Professional, responsive, painless—and FAST. Try finding that somewhere else.

Thomas Holland, author of Grind Slowly, Grind Small: A Big Ray Elmore Novel