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Clownfish Blues: A Novel (Serge Storms) by Tim Dorsey

Reviewed by Jud Hanson

Clownfish BluesAs with most Tim Dorsey novels, it is nearly impossible to pigeon-hole Clownfish Blues into a particular category.

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Tiger Shrimp Tango by Tim Dorsey

Tiger Shrimp Tango

Reviewed by Book Bug


That one word makes one think of all kinds of words: palm trees, sand, water, waves, fruity drinks, etc, etc but not scams. No way. The last think you want to think about or have happen to you in paradise are scams or being a victim. That’s exactly what is happening in the state of Florida or at least in this book.

In Tiger Shrimp Tango, Serge Storms is a vigilante. He just really doesn’t like bad people, like scam artists. Who can blame him, right?

Electric Barracuda by Tim Dorsey

Electric Barracuda by Tim DorseyReviewed by Allen Hott

If you have ever visited or especially if you have ever lived in Florida Electric Barracuda should be interesting. It may be interesting and confusing or hard to follow but the Florida background will pay off. The descriptions of various sites throughout the state are interesting. They allow the reader to picture many, many places bringing back, hopefully, fond memories.

Tim Dorsey writes in such a way that the reader either is “on” with him or is wondering what Dorsey is “on”. There is hardly any in between. The pace is fast and the reading is easy except that sometimes the reader has to scratch his head and wonder what did he say?

The hero (?) in this book is a fellow named Serge Storms who happens to be a second-generation gangster/killer/nice guy. His grandfather palled around with gangsters of the Capone era. His father didn’t do quite so well in the hierarchy but never-the-less Serge has enough of the bad guy blood in him to do some not nice things. However strangely enough many of the things he does though bad still work out well.

Serge and Coleman, his forever stoned associate, are traveling the entire state of Florida visiting some of Serge’s old haunts. Oh, by the way, while they travel the law is pursuing them! Mainly because of quite a few murders that Serge is being sought for over the years. The problem is he can never be caught, as he is as slippery as a barracuda.