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The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen

The Silent GirlReviewed by Cy Hilterman

A Rizzoli and Isles story that is very well written and takes the reader to Chinatown where things are done in their own way and in their own time. Where history is a huge part of their lives, both how they act in the present and in the future. Tess Gerritsen had her mothers roots in China to give her inspiration that made her dig deeply for research for this story that takes you to those areas, both past and present, and gives you a feeling that you are living with The Silent Girl.

The story begins with a small Chinese girl being followed by two men, all three being observed by an older Chinese woman. The men had one thing in mind and when they trapped the young girl they started to do their evil sexual deed but the observing woman stepped in and creamed the two men making them scatter on their way. The woman knew the young girl and was trying to make a connection to help her. The girl eventually believed that the woman was there to help, not hurt the girl. The story skips ahead seven years when Dr. Maura Isles is testifying in a very controversial trial. Dr. Isles is a medical examiner and was giving evidence detrimental to a Boston Police Department Officer. The officer was a hero but the evidence that Dr. Isles was presenting was turning all in the courtroom against her.

A young Chinese boy was giving an unauthorized tour to some tourists he had persuaded to join his tour of Chinatown’s dangerous and murderous areas. When he took the group to a Chinese restaurant, The Red Phoenix, some strange “shadows” appeared that scared Billy and his tour members. Detective Jane Rizzoli and her partner, Detective Barry Frost, were called to the scene where the strange things had occurred during Billy’s tour. A severed hand was found and a very expensive gun but nothing else at this site. The detectives climbed to the roof of the old apartment house to see if there were any clues there. They did find what was no doubt the rest of the body to which the hand had been attached. Detective Tam was called into the case since in Chinatown little English was spoken. Tam was a good detective and knew quite well the entire area of Chinatown including its past history. He was also aware of the murders that had taken place years earlier in the Red Phoenix when the cook was suspected of killing others and himself creating a mess in Chinatown.