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Discovering Balance (A Chip Fullerton/Annie Smith Sports Novel) by T.L. Hoch

Discovering Balance

Reviewed by Teri Davis

How often is a person’s life out of balance? Think of many of the professional athletes and the numerous personal problems that draw the attention of the media, would they have these issues if their life was more balanced? How often have you prioritize your work over your family?

B.A. Smith realizes that going to a new high school can be difficult. She has successfully made new friends and been accepted as part of the girls’ basketball team even earning respect as a valued player. More importantly to her is the development of being a team with everyone working together. Of course, there will always be a few difficult people who feel threatened by another athlete, but overall, the move has been a success.

Now that the basketball season is over, will B.A. continue with her athletic stardom into softball? Her rival, Tammi still feels that since B.A. arrived, her athletic gifts have been overlooked. Will she ever have the respect that she deserves?

Chasing Normal by T.L. Hoch

Chasing NormalReviewed by Teri Davis

Who wouldn’t want to be considered the star high school athlete? To be admired by everyone is a high school student’s dream, but is there a down side? Have you ever known coaches who believe that winning is everything and the only thing? Is there more to a sport than winning?

Annie Smith has not had an easy life. Her father died in an airplane accident just as she was becoming a teenager. She quickly discovered her fascination for basketball and softball. This interest developed her skills as an outstanding athlete who strongly values her team rather than being a star. Throughout her short competitive experience, she strongly worked with her team in developing their strengths and the value of teamwork. This success caused the media in her small community in Arkansas to become obsessed with her life. Now Annie and her mother have an opportunity for change by moving to Texas.

Annie dreams of being “normal” rather than a superstar and begins her new life by calling herself B.A. B.A. joins the basketball team but is not enjoying playing guard on this team. She chooses to stay quiet with an inexperienced coach who believes that your tallest players should always be the forwards. With considerable attitude, the taller players are threatened by this newer, shorter girl who only wants to play the game and to do her best for her team and herself. Between the coach and the players being threatened and challenged, how does the new kid make friends?