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Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas by Pardu S. Ponnapalli

Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas Reviewed by Teri Davis

Crazy ideas??? If you were living in the 1940s most people would have considered the idea of men walking on the moon as a crazy idea. At that time, the thinking was crazy, thinking outside the box. So, what’s to say that thinking crazy isn’t the way to solve our present day solutions?

Pardu S. Ponnapalli earned a doctorate degree in physics. Upon graduating, he could not find a job which matched his education so he became an IT specialist. From his life experiences, he has some thoughts written as short essays about a variety of subjects, some more reasonable than others, and some being a possibility.

The importance of this book is to get people to think about the present day problems and to find realistic solutions. He mentions his proposals, but more importantly wants others to start pondering on solving the problems. After all, the first step to solving a problem is recognizing that there is a problem.

Some of his ideas are extremely practical such as the luggage problem on airplanes and the energy conservation. Some need more research with what has already been considered such as the gas tank placements and the chess differentiation of games. Some could cause more problems, such as the flexible seating in vehicles would bring another complete dimension to the insurance industry.