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Clam Wake: A Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery (Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries) by Mary Daheim

Clam Wake

Reviewed by Julie Moderson

When Judith McMonigle Flynn and her cousin Renée are offered a chance to spend some time at her aunt and uncle’s retirement home on Whoopee Island they both jump at the chance. Judith’s bed and breakfast is at a very slow time so she has no problem leaving, besides their husbands are leaving for a once in a lifetime fishing trip. Auntie Vance has stocked the refrigerator with all of their favorite dishes so they won’t even have to cook meals.

Gone with the Win: A Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery (Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries) by Mary Daheim

Gone with the Win by Mary DaheimReviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Judith McMonigle Flynn and her cousin Renie return in their twenty-eighth book in Gone with the Win. In spite of the fact that her friends have set up an website touting her crime solving achievements, Judith has promised to stay away from crime and let the the police handle little things like dead bodies. But before readers can even get comfortable in their easy chairs, Ruby Tooms, a character readers will remember from last year’s book The Wurst is Yet to Come, turns up asking Judith, or more specifically, Judith’s husband, retired sheriff Joe Flynn to look into a cold case. Ruby’s mother was murdered years ago before DNA testing and the case was never solved. Ruby would like closure and is hopeful that Joe can find the killer. Judith is set to refuse the request, but Joe jumps in and agrees to take it on because the case was one of his old partner’s. And if Joe is working the case, the cousins can’t sit this one out now can they?

The Wurst is Yet to Come (Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries) by Mary Daheim

The Wurst is Yet to Come Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Cousins Judith and Renie return in the twenty seventh book of Daheim’s Bed and Breakfast series titled The Wurst is Yet to Come. Stinging from a threat from the Bed and Breakfast Association to close Hillside Manor down because of the number of murders associated with the inn, Judith agrees to attend and man a booth at the association’s Oktoberfest in nearby Little Bavaria. But as luck would have it, almost before the fest gets started one of the town’s most beloved citizens is stabbed in a dramatic way right in the middle of the festival. Before readers can hardly get settled in, the cousins are on the trail of a murderer again. Only this time, trying to throw off critics who have dubbed Judith FASTO (female amateur sleuth tracking offenders), Judith throws Renie into the spotlight claiming she is the real sleuth. The local cop knows better though so while Judith helps track the killer, Renie snoops among the convention attendees.

This is a very long running series and there are bound to be some ups and downs along the way, but the development over time of Renie’s personality is nearly a deal breaker for me with this series. She’s gone from being a loopy scatterbrain to down right nasty. Plus her behavior is much more like a three year old with a foul mouth than an adult. What used to be funny antics has turned sour. Quite frankly, I can’t imagine why Judith would bring her along on these jaunts anymore. Let’s hope that in future books, Daheim finds a way to tone it down a bit.

All the Pretty Hearses: A Bed and Breakfast Mystery by Mary Daheim (Review #2)

All the Pretty Hearses Reviewed by Teri Davis

Judith McMonigle Flynn stays busy owning and running Hillside Manor, a local bed-and-breakfast. Besides that she cares for her highly overly opinionated mother who does not like Judith’s present husband. Fortunately, her cousin Renie, is a great friend and helps out even though she is known for being a horrible cook and wants to submit her special recipe of Shrimp Dump for the fund-raising cookbook of the local parish school.

Judith also has an uncanny ability for solving crime. This seems to come natural even though her husband, Joe, is a retired policeman who now works as a private investigator.

Judith is reluctantly remembering her upcoming obligation for the B & B in which she offered the facility to the top bidder at the parish school fundraiser. The winning family whose name is Paine is planning on filling the house but have numerous requirements such as one that eats no meat and one that has to sleep with a special pillow.

Joe currently has a surveillance job for insurance fraud when he is
arrested. The person he was observing is shot with Joe’s gun. Added to that, Joe does not want Judith involved so he basically is hiding out at the police station as the investigation continues.

All the Pretty Hearses: A Bed and Breakfast Mystery by Mary Daheim

All the Pretty HearsesReviewed by Elizabeth Sheehan

This is the first book I’ve read by Mary Daheim, which I understand is one of a series. The main characters are Judith McMonigle, who with her husband Joe are the owners of a Bread and Breakfast which they also run.

Her husband, a retired police officer, has been hired by an insurance company to follow a suspect that may not have the injuries claimed. Unfortunately the suspect is found shot.

Enter a slew of many characters who are not very likeable. Each one is weirder than the next one and the story becomes extremely unreal. Joe is arrested for murder, guests are climbing out a second story window, and a dog is sleeping in the bathtub and so forth and so on.

Loco Motive by Mary Daheim (Review #2)

Loco MotiveReviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Loco Motive is the latest entry in a very long running series by Mary Daheim. For twenty-four previous books, readers have followed Bed and Breakfast owner Judith McMonigle and her somewhat zany cousin Renie as they have become involved in and solved numerous murders. As with many popular series, there are some books that are stronger than others. Sometimes a series just needs a change in setting-to take the characters on the road, to pep things up a bit. That is apparently what Daheim intended to do in Loco Motive.

The book begins with one of Judith’s guests, a stuntman, taking a flying leap from her roof and leaving in an ambulance. Realizing life was bordering on insane at home, Judith readily agreed to accompany Renie on a train trip to Boston. But the madcap action just keep on rolling for the pair as it turns out that the stuntman and his entourage are also on the train, as well as an assortment of other oddball characters. The train is involved in an accident in Montana, but the aftermath of sheriff pursuit carries over into North Dakota and the two women may well have (briefly) stolen a car!

While the idea of having Judith and Renie take a trip was good, the execution was a bit rough from a couple of different points of view. Mostly there is just TOO MUCH of nearly everything-too many characters to keep straight, too many plot threads going on to follow and too much activity to keep up with. The whole book is just plainly over done.

Loco Motive by Mary Daheim

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

Loco Motive by Mary DaheimDaredevil Wee Willie is staying at the Bed and Breakfast owned by Judith McMonigle Flynn. Wee Willie decides to perform a stunt from the roof of the Bed and Breakfast and things do not go as he planned. He and his assistant are now threatening to sue Judith.

Judith and her cousin, Renie, go on a train trip because Renie does not like to fly. Also, it seemed like a the ideal time to get away. They took a cross country Amtrak Empire Builder to Boston. The plan was for their husbands to fly and meet them. Guess who was also a passenger on the train? They are very unhappy to see Wee Willie and his friends.

Vi Agra Falls by Mary Daheim

fallsReviewed by Mary Glass-Royce

Judith McMonigle Flynn is back in the 24th cozy and funny Bed and Breakfast mystery.

Joe’s first wife, Vivian better known as “herself” now very wealthy, moves back to the neighborhood causing quite a shake up. Following on her heels Is a wonderful motley crew of long lost and not so lost relatives, including her “Boy Toy” husband. The fun begins when Vivian decides to throw a party to unleash a big surprise! But it looks like Vivian’s got more than a hangover on her hands . Which of her enemies leaves an unknown party guest to “hang” around in her backyard? Amateur sleuth Judith comes to the rescue once again!

You know that when you check into Hillside Manor, you are in for entertaining stay with the best group of eccentrics around.