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High Crimes: A Georgia Davis Novel of Suspense (The Georgia Davis PI Series Book 5)

Reviewed by Jud Hanson

High CrimesAfter the 2016 election, America is a nation divided. The new president is a rash, outspoken individual who garnered support by refusing to follow normal presidential protocol. As a result, an active opposition movement is spreading across the country. It’s leader, Dena Baldwin, is scheduled to appear at a rally in Chicago. As Baldwin mounts the stage, gunshots ring out and panic ensues. An assassin has killed Baldwin. Local PI Georgia Davis is hired to try and determine the identity of the killer but it will be a daunting task. Baldwin had a large Facebook following and not all of them are genuine supporters of the Resistance movement. As Davis dives into the crime further, she begins to realize there is more to Baldwin than meets the eye.

Nobody’s Child (Georgia Davis Series) (Volume 4) by Libby Fischer Hellman

Nobody's Child

Reviewed by Teri Davis

“No one cared whether she lived or died… Not her mother. Not the half-sister she didn’t know but hoped would somehow rescue her. All she had was the memory of a loving father and he was dead. She was Nobody’s child. Her life wasn’t worth a sheet of used toilet paper. The first time she’d heard the expression, she thought it was just the cynicism of an acne-scarred kid she went to school with. She knew better now.”

Georgia Davis realizes the differences between abiding within the law and the actuality of justice. She no longers works as a law enforcement officer but is now a private investigator. That’s what occurs when you feel responsible for doing the right thing.

Doubleback: A Novel of Suspense by Libby Fischer Hellmann (Review #3)

doublebackReviewed by Teri Davis

“Panic has a way of defining an individual. It scrapes the soul bare, scrapes away pretense, reveals the core of the human spirit. It’s hard to dissemble when fear crawls up your throat, you hear stampedes like a herd of wild animals, and your skin burns with the prickly-heat of terror. For the six people thrown together in a Loop office building on a hot June day, the moments they shared would reveal parts of themselves they had not know existed.”