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Strange Weather: Four Short Novels by Joe Hill

Reviewed by Vickie Dailey

Strange WeatherThis book is a collection of four short stories. I was very excited to be given the opportunity to review this book. Unfortunately, the excitement was short lived.

The first story Snapshot has an interesting premise with a lackluster ending. The second story loaded never caught my interest and did not complete. The third Aloft – took so long to get somewhere that I gave up. The fourth story, Rain, I have yet to read. There are some great illustrations for each of the stories.

The Fireman: A Novel by Joe Hill

Reviewed by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

The FiremanBestselling author Joe Hill literally sets the world of horror fiction on fire with his take on the human condition as it subsists in the horrifyingly ravaged post-apocalyptic world, of his newest novel, The Fireman.

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Author Hill poses a vastly complex and alarming world, where a pervasively virulent spore somehow spreads between human carriers who ultimately die in one of the most brutal of ways, via human combustion. Seemingly indiscriminate, combustion can occur at any given time and without warning people die where they stand or lay, exploding into flames. Called Dragonscale because of its ominous, but decorative dragon scaled appearance on the infected, the spread of the vicious spore takes humanity to the brink of extinction, leaving those left trying to survive in an uncertain world swimming in fiery violence and drowning in ashes.