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First Love by James Patterson and Emily Raymond (Audible Edition)

First Love

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

I have read many mysteries and thrillers written by James Patterson. This author also writes stories in several other genres. This one is a romance called First Love.

First Love is about two teenagers, Axi and Robinson, who meet while getting chemo. Axi’s little sister passed away from cancer. Her mother had a difficult time dealing with the loss and decided to leave the family. Axi’s father can only deal with all of this by drinking. Axi wants to get away from all of this so she comes up with the idea of going on the road with many stops throughout various states.

Axi realizes she cannot go on this trip by herself. She tells Robinson about her idea and talks him into going along. Many things happen along the way like stealing cars and doing things they really should not be doing. Axi and Robinson have so much fun on the trip and they really enjoy their time together. It doesn’t take too long to realize they have fallen in love.

Second Honeymoon by James Patterson and Howard Roughan (Audible)

Second Honeymoon Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

There might have been a few books where James Patterson did not write at the top of his game but that is rare. The reader will not be disappointed with Second Honeymoon.

There are two subplots going on at the same time and both will keep the reader right on the edge of the seat. Not only do we have a honeymoon serial killer but there is also a “John O’Hara” serial killer.

John O’Hara is an FBI agent who is on suspension. He is under psychological care due to the fact that a drunk driver killed his wife and will soon be released from jail. John has a difficult time dealing with his release. A rich man whose son and his bride were murdered while on their honeymoon contacts John O’Hara. John agrees to investigate and gets approval from the FBI.

Worst Case by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Worse Case Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

This book is excellent. Some of Patterson’s books lately have been only fair, especially the ones written with another author. In “Worst Case” I think the story is very well written and in today’s world of not knowing what to expect, it is very plausible. This book features Detective Michael Bennett of the NYPD, who has been featured in a few other books by James Patterson. Bennett has 10 children, all adopted and of all origins. He has a nanny to take care of this brood when he has to work, which is quite a bit of time. Since his wife had died several years earlier, the children give Michael Bennett quite a problem of balancing his work and his personal life. In this story he is teamed with an FBI agent, Emily Parker, who, while working close with Bennett, has made both of them open their eyes toward each other.

Children of rich people disappear, followed by a phone call to the parents. When the police get involved, Bennett and Parker along with their teams, at first the culprit says he does not want any ransom but tells them where the child can be picked up. After leading them on a wild goose chase, the body of the first child is found. This is repeated several times with some variation on the kidnappers method of operation. Since all the parents are rich and very influential the police can’t make a connection as to why certain children are taken and with different variants involved, how do they get to the whys and wherefores?

Toys by James Patterson

ToysReviewed by Patricia Reid

Toys moves the reader forward to the year 2061 where humans are referred to as skunks and the Elites are in charge. Hays Baker is an Elite. Although every Elite has special powers, Hays Baker seems to have received more than his share of strength, intelligence and good looks. Hays has a beautiful wife, Lizabeth, and two wonderful children. The future is bright for Hays until the fatal day when he was called to a Toyz store where many were dead due to a violent attack.

Owen McGill, Hays partner, was sure that the killings were the result of an attack by skunks. Hays set out to catch the skunks that had caused the carnage but in his attempt to catch them he took a fall that was beyond even his capacity for survival without serious damage. Hays winds up in the hospital. Suddenly Hays was no longer the perfect example of an Elite but a person that the Elites hated and wanted to torture and interrogate.

Hays goes on the run and ends up at the home of his parents. In reconnecting with his parents Hays learns the truth of his heritage as well as the horrors that humans have been subjected to at the hands of the ruling Elites.

Tick Tock by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Tick Tock by James PattersonReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Detective Michael Bennett, his ten adopted children, his grandfather and nanny Mary Catherine are on vacation at a seaside resort. He had high hopes of being able to have a good time. That did not last long. Michael’s cell phone rang. He was called in to help investigate the case of an unexploded bomb at a library. The bomb turned out to be a “teaser” for what was about to happen.

A series of crimes start to occur. The city is now terrorized with everything that is going on. It soon becomes clear that all of these incidences could not be the work of an amateur. There is a serial killer in the town and this person is recreating serial killers from New York’s past.

Michael Bennett asks FBI agent, Emily Parker, for assistance.

Are Michael and Emily able to solve this case before things become too dangerous for them and Michael’s entire family?

Run for Your Life by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

Run for Your Life by James PattersonBeing a cop in a large city such as New York can be a very difficult job in the work you perform, the job you take home with you, and the perpetrators that are always in your mind. Detective Michael Bennett had been a cop for quite a few years and thought he had met some weird criminals but this new perp that called himself The Teacher was possibly the worst ever. He was killing, seemingly taking no definite direction regarding his victims as to location or individuality. And his killing was increasing too quickly to keep up with or where he would next strike.

Bennett had lost his wife, Mauve, less than a year ago. She was his rock and salvation being there to give Michael comfort when he came home downhearted because of work problems. Mauve knew how to “be there” for him whether it was a hug, a beer, words of encouragement, or anything else that caused him to be out of sorts. But Mauve wasn’t there now, only his nanny, Mary Catherine, who lived in a nearby apartment, filled in caring for the ten adopted children he and Mauve had adopted and loved so much. Huge problems existed in the Bennett apartment when the kids started coming down with some bug and were vomiting, sometimes not in the proper place! Thank God Mary Catherine was there to assist with the kids.

Amidst the sickness Bennett was trying to find this killer that struck anywhere, anytime, and dressed himself in ways that made it even more difficult to track and find. Several task forces were formed due to pressure the Police Commissioner was placing on Bennett and all that had been thrown into the fray. Days went on with no further progress in the killers search but Bennett’s kids still were taking their turns puking. Poor Michael and poor Mary Catherine. Rest for both was hard to get. A reporter had broken some news not released and Bennett’s superiors accused him of leaking the information.

Cross Fire by James Patterson

Reviewed by Patricia Reid

Cross Fire by James PattersonPreparations are underway for the wedding of Alex Cross and Bree Stone. Alex’s family is excited and happy about the wedding. Kyle Craig, Alex’s sworn enemy, is thinking about Alex’s wedding and determined to do whatever is necessary to make Alex’s life miserable. His plans to disrupt the wedding sound perfect.

Alex’s wedding is put on hold when a gunman begins a killing spree. The killer’s victims include people whose names are well known in Washington not only for their positions but also for their corruption. Max Siegel of the Washington field office steps in to assist with the investigation. Alex is not pleased with this arrangement and has an immediate dislike for Siegel.

As if Alex doesn’t have enough on his plate, he receives a phone call from Kyle Craig. Alex suspects that Kyle is in Washington but has no idea how to find him. Alex is seeking at least one shooter and maybe two, working with Siegel and trying to keep his home life in order and that is not an easy task.

The Postcard Killers by James Patterson and Liza Marklund

Reviewed by Vickey Dailey

The Postcard Killers by James Patterson and Liza MarklundNYPD Detective Jack Kanon is on an unsactioned mission to catch the PostCard Killers. He travels through Europe one step behind the killers – until he hooks up with Swedish Reporter Dessie Larsson.

They put into motion a plan to draw out the killers which too easily appears to work – or does it. While incarcerated, another murder happens. Which results in the two suspects being released.

Jacob and Dessie split up with Jacob seeking background in LA and Dessie going on to the next murder site. Both reconnect and set about following the killers to Finland. With the help of Dessie’s criminal family, they ultimately track down the killers at the World’s most northern IKEA store.

Don’t Blink by James Patterson and Howard Roughan

Reviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

Don't Blink by James Patterson and Howard RoughanReporter Nick Daniels was at the wrong place at the wrong time that particular day when he had lunch at Lombardo’s Steakhouse. He was there to interview the famous, really infamous, retired pitcher for the Yankees, Dwayne Robinson. Robinson at one time had been the best pitcher around, striking out twenty people in a single game against Oakland, a Cy Young winner. But when Dwayne failed to show up to pitch in a decisive game seven in the World Series against the Dodgers, and disappeared for seventy-two hours, only then to be found lying naked on the floor of his apartment barely conscious by his super, he went from being the hero to the goat overnight. Dwayne hated to grant interviews, because he was uncomfortable around a lot of people, so Nick had jumped at the chance to interview him.

Too bad the interview was stopped before it really got started by a violent mob hit. The hired killer came behind his victim, Vincent Marcozza., the consigliere or lawyer of the Mafia don Eddie “The Prince,” Pinero, with a scalpel, and sliced his eyes out, “like a pumpkin.” Bruno Torenzi, the assassin, said he had a message from Eddie, saying into Vincent’s ear as he lay dying of blood loss the words: “Justice is blind.” And Nick was there, capturing it all on his recorder, solid evidence that Pinero had Marcozza whacked because his lawyer had uncharacteristically bombed out in court, resulting in Pinero’s conviction.

This is just the start of Don’t Blink, the latest action-packed, violent, edge-of your-seat thriller by the duo of James Patterson and Howard Roughan. I haven’t read many novels by Patterson, just the Alex Cross books I, Alex Cross and Cross Country, but I enjoyed reading those two very much. He’s one of today’s most talented and prolific authors, and I’ve often wondered how any one man can churn out as many well-written, suspenseful bestsellers as he does so consistently and frequently. I say “one man,” but some of his novels, like this one, are collaborations. This is the first Nick Daniels novel that Patterson and Roughan have written, but they also co-authored Honeymoon and Sail.

Private by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Reviewed by Stephanie Nordkap

Private by James Patterson and Maxine PaetroJack Morgan, a former Marine helicopter pilot, is the owner of Private Investigations, an elite investigation company with branches all over the world. He is renowned for helping wealthy men and women solve major problems and dilemmas, using one of the best team of investigators he can put together, but with maximum discretion. With money at his disposal and a crack team of investigators, he is capable of using advanced technology and forensic tools to solve his cases.

In this quick-paced, thrilling first novel starring Jack Morgan, his team is faced with some major problems. His uncle has asked to him to help solve a multi-million dollar NFL gambling scandal that could topple the entire NFL itself. Then, while on a red-carpet date, Jack receives a phone call from his best friend, and discovers that his friend’s wife has been murdered and his friend is the number one suspect. To top it all off, the D.A.’s office has asked Private to help solve a two-year investigation involving the Schoolgirl Killings. Over thirteen schoolgirls have been murdered over two years and the police are no closer to finding the killer than they were at the beginning. Jack must use all of his resources, all of his team members, and put all of them in danger in order to solve these cases.