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Rain Gods: A Novel (A Holland Family Novel) by James Lee Burke

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Rain GodsI suppose Mr. Burke has left New Orleans to write about a happening in Texas. Usually he is in Louisiana but no matter because wherever he sits up a story it all works out! And Rain Gods is proof of that.

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Hackberry Holland, a Texas sheriff, responds to a 911 call and finds a mass grave. Upon digging into the spot he discovers nine women who have been shot to death by what appears to be a machine gun. Closer examination later by the coroner shows that they each were carrying a plastic bag of drugs in their stomach. The 911 call happened to come from a former GI who heard the shooting and went too late to the scene. He and his girlfriend then decided to head out because of what they feared would happen next.

The Tin Roof Blowdown by
James Lee Burke

Tin Roof BlowdownReviewed by Allen Hott

James Lee Burke should be called Mr. New Orleans. He has been writing about his beloved city for years and The Tin Roof Blowdown tells the story of the devastation, thievery, sadness, and bravery that came about because of Katrina’s catastrophic journey through the city.

Dave Robicheaux, an Iberian sheriff’s detective, is the main character as he has been in several other Burke novels. He, together with Clete Purcel, who works for a bond service chasing bail jumpers, gets involved in several of the criminal events that take place in the aftermath of the storm.

Four teenagers use the torn up condition of many of the deserted homes to search out items of value and in so doing happen to get into one that is owned by Sidney Kovick. Kovick, a local florist, is also reputed to be a top money man in the New Orleans crime scene. Good news or bad, depending on how you look at it, the boys discover thousands of dollars as well as some diamonds that appear to be very expensive.

Black Cherry Blues: A Dave Robicheaux Novel by James Lee Burke

blackcherrybluesReviewed by Vickie Dailey

Black Cherry Blues is a re-release of a 1989 novel in the Dave Robicheaux series and is the third in a series of mysteries. It’s a great book – Burke knows how to really create a picture with words.

Robicheaux is a former cop. He now runs a bait shop (in Louisiana) with the help of Batist & Clarise who also help him with his adopted daughter Alafair. He has a lot of personal demons – the death of his father and more recently his wife. He’s a recovering alcoholic and he dreams of dead people.

Black Cherry Blues finds Dave arrested for murder. He heads out to Montana with Alafair – to find the real killer and to clear his name. The novel is hard and gritty at times.