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In the Time of Bobby Cox: The Atlanta Braves, Their Manager, My Couch, Two Decades, and Me by Lang Whitaker

Reviewed by Allen Hott

In the Time of Bobby CoxThis is a pretty interesting book especially if you happen to be a baseball fan and precisely an Atlanta Braves fan. Basically Whitaker has told the story of Bobby Cox and his journey as manager of the Braves through the most exciting period of baseball in Atlanta history. Whether or not you are a baseball fan I am pretty sure everyone knows of the tremendous run the Braves had from 1991 forward. They won 14 division titles in a row which is something that had never been done and has not been done since by any major league ball club.

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Many believe that Bobby Cox was the catalyst for that impressive showing and it is probably pretty much true as is explained by Whitaker. However it was done it was quite a feat. Cox appeared to handle the players in such a way as to get
the most out of each of them as is described in the book. He treated each individually as best suited them and the team.

And that was quite an array of top flight players as it turned out. The author describes how Gregg Maddox came to the Braves and for the next ten years was one of the best pitchers in baseball. The incident when Maddox first joined the
Braves and how he and David Justice “collided” (actually in a nice way) is a neat piece by itself. He also gives interesting anecdotes about Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, and others. Each of his pieces go together to make this an interesting read.
Each of the top players basically gets a chapter or more and then he briefly discusses the entire listing of all the players who played under Cox during his reign. All of these pieces make up, for a real baseball fan, a very enlightening read.

The author does quite a bit of discussing his own life and how he has always been a huge sports fan. And using that as a starter is how he eventually became a journalist and then honed in on sports from that beginning. He played sports all of his young life and has followed all sports throughout his career. He also talks in detail about his living in New York City while working and yet he still constantly did and does follow the Braves.

He has woven an interesting book that zeroes in on Bobby Cox but expands in a fashion to do a great job of keeping the reader’s interest in other players and also shows a good look at life as a sports journalist. Excellent job!

In the Time of Bobby Cox by Lang Whitaker

In the Time of Bobby CoxReviewed by Allen Hott

If you like baseball this is a good book. If you like the Atlanta Braves this is a great book. If you like Bobby Cox this may be one of the greatest books you will ever read.

Lang Whitaker is and has been a die-hard Atlanta Braves fan for many years. He followed them before they became “America’s Team” and he is still following them today. In his book he explains how he and quite often his Dad have sat on their couch and watched the Braves win and, oh yes, sometimes lose.

He explains how he has “helped” Bobby Cox manage the Braves from his couch. Not always agreeing with Cox’s moves but always still a fan and a believer in Cox overall.

While going on about the Braves and Cox, Whitaker also gives you an up-close and personal look at his life. How and why he did what he did and how and why he became a sports enthusiast, commentator, writer, and blogger. He has written for many of the top magazines and newspapers in the country as well as being a columnist for SI.com. His credentials are varied and well deserved.