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Frame Up by John F. Dobbyn

frameReviewed by Patricia Reid

Michael Knight and John McKedrick were good friends when both attended Harvard Law School and remained good friends although their lives took them in different directions. Michael became a partner in a respectable law firm run by Lex Devlin. Michael had the utmost respect for Devlin and Devlin has deep affection for Michael. John took a position with an attorney who is known for his mob affiliations.

As Michael was leaving the office one evening to meet John for dinner, John’s car blew up just as Michael approached. Michael survived but John is killed. An informant told the police that Peter Santangelo is the person that set the bomb. Peter is the son of Dominic Santangelo, a well-known mafia figure.

Michael is shocked when Devlin requests his presence at a meeting of Devlin’s friends from long ago. The meeting takes place in a church with Monsignor Ryan and Dominic Santangelo. Santangelo has arranged the meeting to request that Devlin represent his son Peter, Godson of Lex Devlin.