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Color is Everything by Dan Bartges

colorReviewed by Mary Z.

“Master the Use of Color in Oils, Acrylics or Watercolors” is the apt subtitle of this slim volume. Dan Bartges writes in a clear and concise way explaining how to use the color wheel to greatly enhance an artist’s vision.

He starts by telling the reader how to select the best tools for whichever project the painter is planning. Then he goes into detail about the properties of color and how to make them work. In between he gives assignments so the reader can get a first-hand knowledge of how color works. The difference between hue, value, and intensity is clearly explained.

Mr. Bartges shows the reader how to make his or her own color wheel and develop a color scheme which will attract and hold viewers. He gives “problems” that allow the artist to develop his or her own sense of which of the six schemes would work best.

The unique expressions of color are succinctly brought to life in this book: not only is it a must for an artist, beginner to advanced, it is also valuable for anyone who sees a painting and wants to know why and how it affects the viewer.

The author knows his subject and has the ability to simplify what sometimes looks daunting to artist and viewer alike. The book can be used anywhere and anytime and is a great reference tool. “Color is Everything” and color is everywhere. Finally we have a book that explains it all.