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Cross Country by James Patterson

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Cross CountryPatterson really does get Alex Cross into some jams in this one. Alex, the private detective, is mortified when he checks out the home of one of his friends. Elle Cox, mother and well known author of items in books and newspapers, has been brutally murdered along with her entire family. Cross and Elle had dated when younger and had remained close friends so he was devastated.

He realizes that she had been doing a lot of investigating into terrorism in the U.S. and even across the world. He finds as he begins his own investigation that the CIA is also deeply interested into finding out more about the event. The terrorism seems to be somehow tied into governments across the world.

Among some of her papers Cross finds that she has been doing a lot of her investigating into terrorism especially in Africa. And especially in Nigeria and Sudan. Also that although entire families were often killed over there, the young boys of the families were often taken away by the gangs of marauders. And then these young boys were being turned into gang members and were actually participating in the gang murders that were terrorizing the country.

Cross Country by James Patterson (Review #2)

crossReviewed by Cy Hilterman

An Alex Cross book unlike any others before. The international interest in this story should make Cross Country a terrific read for the entire globe. The story starts out with some horrific killings during break-ins in Washington, DC. The method of getting into the house, talking to the inhabitants, and the methods the victims were tortured and killed is almost beyond human description. When it turns out that the family involved in this killing is one that Alex Cross personally knows, he is upset beyond words and actions.

The “Tiger” was a big strong young man who had complete control over the youth that he enlisted in his gang of relentless killers. He issued the orders and they listened or they would not live to receive the next order from Tiger. The family killings continued with Tiger using some words that you might construe as Islamic or African roots. The CIA got interested but shared little information that the DC police could use.

Detective Brianna Stone was a DC cop that worked with Alex but their relationship went much farther than working. They both knew the love was there between them and they did all they could to keep their work outside their relationship. But when Alex heard of a connection between the Tiger and Africa, he decided he had to go to Africa to try to catch and stop the Tiger from his brutal senseless killings. Despite pleas from Bree and his coworkers he did go, not knowing what he was going to find.