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Dixieland Delight by Clay Travis

Dixieland DelightReviewed by Allen Hott

If you love football and especially love Southeastern Conference football then Dixieland Delight is a touchdown pass you can’t drop!

Clay Travis, the author and avid SEC fan, mapped out a tour that included a visit at each football team’s stadium in the conference. Beginning on September 2, 2006 he started with the Tennessee and California game at his alma mater in Nashville. From there he made 11 more stops and watched a game each Saturday during the 2006 season of SEC football.

You might think that since his grandfather played for the University of Tennessee back in the 30’s that Travis would be partial to the Mountaineers but in reality he is not. He did receive his law degree at Vanderbilt however and he really didn’t cut them any slack either as far as their program is concerned. Overall he pretty well describes what each school is like as he visits. Mostly he does however view each school from its athletic (football primarily) endeavors, their drinking endeavors, and a bit about their female students. And again he seems to be pretty even in his descriptions both pro and con.

Interspersed throughout the 12-week odyssey are bits and pieces of his own background and his life from a youngster until today when he practices law and writes columns as a sideline activity. Most of the tales that he spins are funny and all are definitely part of the whole picture of Clay Travis.