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Cold Wind (A Joe Pickett Novel) by C.J. Box

coldwindReviewed by Allen Hott

Once again Joe Pickett, a Wyoming game warden, is the main character in Box’s novel. And once again Pickett gets involved in a mess of stuff other than game warden duties. Because of his background in law enforcement and investigation he always gets called upon when there are possible crimes in his area. However, this time the call comes from a lot closer to home.

Joe’s wife, Marybeth, gets a frantic call from Missy, her mother, who reports that her latest husband (she has been married five times) is missing. This husband, Earl Alden or as he is known in the Lexington area as the Earl of Lexington, left early this morning to go horseback riding around his huge complex and he hasn’t returned nor can Missy get him on his phone. Because Joe is not really friendly with Missy he just half-heartedly agrees to look for Earl while Joe is out working his area the next morning if he doesn’t show up. Earl doesn’t show up!

One of the places Joe decides to look is in the area where Earl has just begun installing a huge wind turbine complex much to the chagrin of his neighbors. When Joe gets close he spots what looks like a body hanging from one of the turbine’s blades. Joe and one of the workers from the turbine company climb to the top and find that it not only is a body but it is Earl who has been shot dead and hung up on the blade.

Three Weeks to Say Goodbye by C.J. Box

Three Weeks to Say GoodbyeReviewed by Allen Hott

A very powerful story that will bother any parent of a young child and especially if the child happens to be adopted. C. J. Box’s novel covers three weeks in the lives of a young couple who have a nine-month-old daughter that they adopted at birth.

Jack and Melissa McGuane had tried for years to have a child of their own and finally decided upon adoption. Their hopes had come true when they received Angelina right after her birth. And for nine months they have truly discovered happiness in their addition.

Everything at once crashes down when a worker from the adoption agency contacts them with horrible news. The birth father has come to the agency with the news that he had never signed off on the adoption rights to his daughter! Now the agency can do nothing except put the father in touch with the McGuanes to see if anything can be worked out. If not they will have to give their daughter back to her biological father.

Garrett Moreland and his father Judge Moreland make arrangements to come and see Angelina. They are adamant about taking the little girl from the McGuanes. They do make conciliatory offers such as helping Jack and Melissa to find anther child through the adoption agency quickly using the Judge’s influence.

Nowhere to Run by C.J.Box

Nowhere to RunReviewed by Allen Hott

Wyoming forest Ranger Joe Pickett is up to his neck in problems in Nowhere to Run and those problems follow him all the way to the end of the book. C. J. Box writes about Pickett quite often and in this instance some of the happenings are somewhat based on a true story that occurred to a game warden in Wyoming.

In all of his stories Box has Pickett always in some sort of trouble with the higher-ups in his organization but though he sometimes steps a little out of bounds in fulfilling his tasks he is renowned for being able to solve problems. And Pickett has one ace up his sleeve most of the time as the governor of Wyoming really does appreciate Pickett’s work although the governor also sometimes gets up tight with his questionable maneuvering in solving problems.

Pickett has been somewhat isolated in some of the far reaches of the state and is finishing up his last week in this assignment prior to his new assignment back closer to home. Because of several odd incidents he has decided to make a last full swing through one of the highest and most desolate sections of Wyoming. One of the main reasons is that there was a woman runner who was training in the area about a year ago and she turned up missing. Just recently Pickett had been talking with a local resident who told him that there were strange goings on happening in the mountainous area. He claimed that folks were having windows of cars broken, cabins broken in, and tents getting slashed. Also just recently two hunters who had wounded an elk found that it had been butchered and the bulk of the meat stolen when they found the remains after tracking the animal.

Free Fire by C.J. Box

Free Fire by C.J. BoReviewed by Allen Hott

If you have ever visited Yellowstone National Park and like to think of visiting it again you need to read Feel Fire. Mr. Box has written an exciting thriller about the park and his descriptive portions of the book can easily bring back memories of this great place.

Free Fire explains quite a bit about the park’s ecosystem and the working of the geysers. Not only do you get a good story of man’s greed but you also get a better understanding of what is under the earth’s surface. For instance you find out how small things such as a human body being dropped into a geyser hole can cause smaller geyser spouts to erupt in the area.

Joe Pickett is a recently fired Ranger who loves Yellowstone and just being around the area. He is working as a ranch foreman for his father-in-law when the governor of Wyoming asks Joe to work directly for him on a mission inside Yellowstone. Recently a group known as the Gopher State Five had been attacked and four of the five had been killed in Yellowstone. They had been killed in an area that became known as the Yellowstone Zone of Death.

Because of the way Yellowstone was configured there is a small portion of land nestled in the Park, which has no residences within 50 plus miles. Therefore there is no one to select a jury from and a miscreant cannot be tried by either Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, or the Federal government based on the U.S. Constitution.