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Anchored (The Anchored Series /Book 1) by Bridget E. Baker

Reviewed by Carol Smith


Earth and Terra are a parallel of two worlds colliding in certain areas as experienced by 17-year-old Alora and her brother Jesse. Mystery, adventure, and the love of a brother and sister hiding under false pretenses are waiting for all lovers of fiction.

On earth, Alora’s parents died in car wreck. Suspicion surrounding the death of their adoptive parents on earth arises and is eventually resolved.

Both children, under the age of 18 at the time, fled from Social Services and are currently in hiding. The villain is a social worker named Devlan Rosenbaum who is intent on finding the two.

The imaginary world of Terra is an “attention getter” alive only in Alora’s dreams; described somewhat as “a tiny planet that consists of two warring factions, with no guns or major technology.

The life of Alice (her earthly name) takes place in these two separate worlds weaving them together thus creating a plot that is somewhat complex in nature. Her life on earth is shared with her brother Jesse and the other world of Terra, a place visited in her nightly dreams she shares only with her Jesse.

Terra is occupied by a certain group of people called “Healers” and “Citizens”. Alora is a Lifter and a Binder who travels with a group of people called a troupe.

Drama unfolds and causes Alora to use her powers as a Lifter. Her secret gift as a Lifter is revealed and she is now in great danger according to her adoptive father Martin.

She learns of a Prophecy about a woman who will one day be born as a “Lifter”. Women are not allowed to be lifters. The followers of Amun call her the Warden and they believe she will destroy Terra. Alora’s life has changed, she is now forever in grave danger.

The Prophecy launches Terra into a violent war between the factions of Amun and Isis. On earth, more Terran characters come into play casting violent interactions among Alora and her brother; it seems earth and Terra are becoming one. The reader is pitted between wondering what is real and what fantasy is at this point. The interchange between Terra and earth in some places can get a bit confusing.

Jesse convinces Alora her dreams are possibly hallucinations caused from trauma and arranges for professional medical care.

The finality is a herculean, emotionally-driven ending; a raging storm of inner most feelings of hatred, revenge, vengeance and discernment between good and evil ensues. This powerful inner battle driven by Alora’s emotions destroy Terra forever.


The “power of the pen” in the hand of Bridget Baker is driven with excellence. She is a natural when it comes to writing unique, emotionally-driven, power pact stories.

In “Anchored” she builds strong characters that depict vivid personalities. The reader is clearly able to recognize Alora as a compassionate and empathetic young lady although she possesses incredible powers as a Lifter in a foreign world.

Her narrative literary style is loaded with dialogue and amazing description coupled with great intensity. The dialogue between Alice (Alora) and her brother Jesse is fun to read; they often joke with each other allowing the reader to recognize their special bond. Her brother is her “anchor”.

Baker cleverly inserts picturesque, graphic words that magnify each scene.

The sentences are neatly structured in such a way that the reader is eased into the setting of the unusual world of Terra creating a feeling of belonging in-spite of its foreign nature.
She is able to build enough suspense in both worlds to keep her readers “on edge” anxiously awaiting the outcome. I can keep on reading, not ready to stop.

Baker executed an intense description of the Exordium that I consider a literary masterpiece. Her colorful vocabulary excites strong human emotions.

Some of the episodes on Terra can be interpreted according to the reader’s preferential taste. The battles called the “Ascension” are numerous, brutal and long lasting.

Halfway through the book, I am monstrously curious and eagerly awaiting the ending. With Terra destroyed, Alora is, at last, able to live in peace and harmony with herself.