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Choice Cut (The Cut Series Book 3) by Arnold Eslava-Grünwaldt

Reviewed by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

Book three in his penetrating “Cut” series, Choice Cut by author Arnold Eslava-Grünwaldt dispenses to readers yet another fast-paced, and intensely exciting addition to his well-received crime thriller series, within which, he capably continues to delve into the activities of the criminally debauched in Yonkers, New York, and the skilled team of detectives that pursue them and bring them to justice.

Maintaining the pace of excitement, drama, and thrills author Grünwaldt artfully continues the general storyline from book two, populated with most of the same characters, particularly the resilient and tough, Detective Sergeant Hamilcar Hitchcock and members of his general assignment squad. With a challenging mystery brewing, the story moves quickly and flawlessly into new and twisted scenarios calling for Sergeant Hitchcock and his team to move into action.

This time, the story starts out with members of the general assignment squad finding themselves coming to terms with the end result of their previous investigation which led to the nearly fatal shooting of a revered fellow officer and the unfortunate and temporary loss of another valued officer. However, the thrills and twists are just beginning with the discovery of a recently deceased male who may possibly be the casualty of a serial killer known as “The Butcher” whose victims are referred to as “one of the butcher’s cuts.”

Resonance: Dead Forever Book 3 by William Campbell

ResonanceReviewed by Teri Davis

Have you ever had dreams so vivid that they so real that you can’t separate reality from the dream? Have you ever felt déjà vu when you meet someone but inside you feel certain that you know them?

Damien knows that his conscientiousness has lived before in other bodies. However, he is having difficulty separating his many memories from his ability to sometimes see into the future with events presently happening in his daily life. Confused?

This series of DEAD FOREVER all center with the concept of moving one’s conscientiousness from body to body over time. Usually, most people are given a drug so that they forget their previous lives. A small rebellious group fights to keep their memories throughout the years. This story revolves around these characters.

Damien/Adam is looking for the love of his life, Christina. Unfortunately, he finds her quickly as Carmen who is married to an unethical narcotics police detective. Carmen’s father just happens to be engaged to Damien’s mother. With attempting to figure out his reality as well as keeping one step ahead of the police is not always easy.