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And When She Was Good: A Novel
by Laura Lippman (Review #2)

And When She Was Good Reviewed by Julie Moderson

OMG how did I not know about books by Laura Lippman? I am so impressed with her writing that I plan to go look for all of her books.

And When She Was Good is a very intense book about Heloise Lewis. She starts out in a rotten relationship and is turning tricks on the side for her boyfriend who is a drug addict. Young Heloise meets up with a pimp who puts her up in a house and she dresses and acts the part but something happens and she becomes a madam that is extremely successful. Who is being hurt by prostitution is a question that you hear asked in the story and you ask yourself as well.

And When She Was Good: A Novel by Laura Lippman

Reviewed by Elizabeth Barbarick

And When She was GoodWhat is the book about?

Follow Helen/Heloise from age 15 to 37, bouncing back and forth from present to present time reflecting on how she became a young worker in the sex industry during her twenties. You’ll understand and see how she went from being a call girl to a madam who overlooks young call girls. You’ll see how Heloise deals with her internal issues and her social problems that resulted her making less desirable choices and professions.