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This is How I Save My Life: A Lyme Disease Memoir by Amy B. Scher

Reviewed by Carol Smith


Amy Scher’s body and soul are wracked by the ruthless repercussions inflicted from late-stage Lyme Disease. Countless medications rule her daily regimen. Visits to renowned medical institutions such as the Mayo Clinic have proved futile. She is 28 years of age and has suffered for the past 7 years. She is blessed with loving, supportive parents.

Amy has arrived in Delhi, India inspired and reeling with high hopes for the stem cell treatment she is about to receive. Her dedicated parents accompany her. In Delhi, India, she meets the infamous Dr. Schroff. Amy is educated by Dr. Schroll on the complex system of embryonic stem cells. The discourse provided in this Memoir about Stem Cell treatment is delicate and beyond fascinating. Scher creates a simple code of syntax making reading pleasant and easy.

The physician administering the first dose of stem cells introduces a philosophy of awareness in the field of healing. Amy’s mind and spirit will play a vital role in the treatment. After the injection, Amy embraces the new cells in her body like a long lost lover.

The treatment experience in itself is invigorating her mental status. She is engrossed in a state of acceptance and alive with hope. Her physicians are very supportive and encourage her to nourish the stem cells with positive thoughts. The finality is rewarding.


This Is How I Save My Life” by Amy B. Scher is a journey of self-discovery and our own healing power.

Her exposition is well written and creative with a smooth flow. It is a worthwhile read for folks suffering from pain or emotional illness, or just plain healthy people. Amy Scher writes about the threads and themes in her life with deep intensity from the onset of contacting Lyme’s Disease to the end of her journey.

I thought her diction was fitting for this type of memoir. She uses warm and sincere words that describe her innermost feelings. She tells us how to persevere and stay alive in the midst of suffering. Her journey of suffering and treatment teach her that life is about dealing with the pitfalls that are handed to us innocently or by our own misgivings. She shares with the reader how she learned to repair brokenness, plan new avenues, and rebuild the damage caused by the hurricanes of life just as the “stem cells” rebuild damaged nerve, tissue, and muscle.

Scher uses a hyperbole to illuminate her fight with Lyme Disease as she states “it is like climbing Mt. Everest, except your hiking boots are flip-flops and your flip-flops are broken”.

Toward the middle of her memoir, she is unmasked and shares an intimate experience with her readers; a reversal of character has developed, and she has fully embraced this change.

In her memoir, we are informed that her journey to Delhi, India for stem cell treatment inspired dozens of Lyme patients to follow in her footsteps. Her brave and bold adventure opened up a stepping stone of hope for others.

The stem cell treatment seems to be working; however, she is revisited with Medical problems that existed prior to contact with Lyme’s Disease.

The denouement is described as an act of further soul searching that opens up a new avenue of thought that empowers Amy. In an illuminated state of mental consciousness, Scher musters up a self-will that gives her the strength to conquer every fiber of her body. She begins to heal and enjoy a new life journey of health free from suffering.