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Featured Book - 100 Seconds to Midnight:  Conversations at a Seminar by Surendra Kumar Sagar

100 seconds.jpgIn a parallel universe something happened on September 11 2001.

It looked like a plane striking one of the twin towers of the World Trade Centre, New York. It was seen entering the building apparently with no reduction in its speed.

Sometime later another plane was seen striking the other tower. Like the first one, this too was seen entering the building apparently with no reduction in its speed.

The planes were seen changing shape and color, missing wings, were featureless and blurred. It was observed - by some experts - that the planes had no strobe lights. The planes did not cast any shadow.

The twin towers collapsed one by one.

The world was informed it was a terrorist attack carried out by Al Qaida who highjacked large planes -- of the 757-767 class -- and struck the two towers one after the other.

The 9/11 commission report investigated the matter and confirmed it was a terrorist attack. Engineers, Architects, expert pilots, and many other professionals, doubted the commission report, but were ignored.

Millions of innocent people died in the Middle East. Tens of thousands of American Soldiers died. Years later - in early September 2020, an imaginary seminar entitled ``SWITCHED ON`` was held at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore.

The book `100 SECONDS TO MIDNIGHT` is all about what transpired in that seminar. It explores grave international concerns that endanger the continued survival and evolution of the human mind. The concept of an Imaginary Seminar where great Scientists and Philosophers of the past are invited ( as revised versions) to give their presentations as if they were alive today, enables the author to bring in the best experts in the field to talk about various issues such as Climate Change, The highly advanced state of nuclear war preparations by many countries including US, Russia and China, CoVID-19, and Possible Bio Warfare in the future, Fanaticism and religious extremism, etc to name just a few.

The author has his own ideas on several topics such as `Corelation of the Emblematic Clock with extinction probabilities`, `The conflict between Shias and Sunnies and how to resolve it, and above all his Analysis - as a Structural Engineer - on what happened (rather what DID NOT HAPPEN`) on 9/11.

The hypothetical seminar was cleverly designed to enable the predominantly good state of America to finally take care of the deep state and `switch on` the good times for the people of America and the rest of the world.



Featured Book - Horde (Zombie Apocalypse: The Chad Halverson Series) by Bryan Cassiday

horde.jpgCIA black ops agent Chad Halverson, bedraggled, starving, and suffering from amnesia, is lost in the Mojave Desert, where two survivors of the zombie plague find him. They take Halverson back to their compound. Inside their compound, the inhabitants suspect that the zombie plague has mutated and is being spread by spores emitted by infected flesh-eating ghouls. Individuals infected by the spores could be asymptomatic carriers. Not only do the survivors have to worry about being bitten by rampaging flesh-eating ghouls but also being infected by inhaling spores emitted by carriers within their camp. Terrified and suspicious of each other, the victims live in mutual fear as they try to determine who the carriers are. A band of marauders takes over the compound and incites the members to turn against each other, exploiting their fear of carriers, as hordes of ghouls mount a devastating assault on the perimeter.

Meanwhile, at the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center President Cole declares a national emergency under section 201 of the National Emergencies Act and proclaims himself president for life as he hunkers down in the bunker with what little remains of the US government.



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100 Seconds to Midnight:  Conversations at a Seminar by Surendra Kumar Sagar
Anchored by Bridget E. Baker
Horde (Zombie Apocalypse:  The Chad Halverson Series) by Bryan Cassiday
Stargazer by Anne Hillerman
The Fiancee by Kate White
The Hot Rock by Donald E. Westlake
The Midnight Library by Matt Haig



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