Newsletter for April 2018


Featured Book - Miguel Traveler:  The Man from Texas by Daniel McFatter

migueltraveler.jpgMiguel Morgan awakens disoriented, alone, and afraid in a dark future beyond his imagining. After being rescued from stasis by a mysterious woman, he is rapidly swept into a world of clever machines, eternal beings, and desperate men in a tale woven across a dangerous and vast desert country known as the Outfar. Mankind is scattered and diminished, civilization is all but forgotten, and terrors lurk in the shadows of a rugged and beautiful frontier. When his savior leaves him at a remote colony to embark on a mission of her own, Miguel tries to unravel the mystery of why he was placed in stasis and finds himself drawn into the strange lives of a last tribe of men. His fresh perspective calls the state of the colony into question, and he soon discovers that some secrets are best left buried in the desert—perhaps even his own.


Featured Book - The Journey from Poor Procrastinator to Invested Millennial by Jeremy Kho


Do you want to know if you are a poor procrastinator? And in the case that you are, do you want to turn it all around for the better and become an informed and invested millennial who is prepared for anything? Then let this book guide you! Let yourself experience the relief that comes from becoming the best financial self that you can possibly be.

 This book will focus on changing the way you go about with your life and bringing in the transformation in you that you need to achieve your goals. It tells you the problems you might have in your life, the type of procrastinator you are and the solution to avoid procrastination. This step-by-step guide from a procrastinator to an invested millennial, might just prove out to be your path to success.

In a world that drives everyone backwards, become the driving force yourself! All it takes, is a little bit of a change. Investing in your future is the most important goal you can have. Begin to invest in yourself by downloading this guide now and begin Your Journey from Poor Procrastinator to Invested Millennial.


Featured Book - The Streets of Nottingham by Auckly Simwinga

thestreetsofnottingham.jpgEons ago, a betrayal rocked the heavens. Grief overwhelmed the mother of creation, driving her to madness when the god-king banished Caelemon to the underworld. Leading to the sundering of the world which would come to be known as the Breaking. Only a tiny village, located at the edge of the world survived the breaking, and for hundreds of years it remained forgotten. The villagers now pray to the mother seeking her mercy and protection, but she’s as cold and merciless as the black stone statue which she was carved out of. Her supplicants haven’t realized it yet, but they are about to. In the worst possible way.

I’ve always been an outsider. I don’t know why, but I feel I don’t belong here. I’ve loved her since I was a snotty child. Marika, with the blue eyes and white hair. She was my life, my destiny, and my heart was breaking into many tiny pieces because her father would never allow us to be together. I longed for the day when it wouldn’t have to be this way. That day never came.


Featured Book - Flicks - A Tale of Cinematic Docudrama, Half-Truths and Half-Fictions by Simon Plaster

flickssimon.jpgFLICKS is a tale about the making of a cinematic docudrama based on suspicious circumstances surrounding the untimely death of Hollywood sex goddess: Marilyn Monroe ---- Famous Tinseltown producer/ director, Deano DeBoffo, stranded in Oklahoma City, takes on the project at the urging of an agent/ screenwriter – who claims to possess a certain archival loop of film -- and a local financial backer -- who contends the loop cinches the where, when, why, who and how of a case that Marilyn was murdered. ---- Laid-off high school Drama teacher and aspiring actor, Jim Bob Sherrill, is cast to play Marilyn's suspected secret Latin lover, and killer, but -- as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator already in the throes of gender identity crisis -- also gets the part of being Marilyn in the DeBoffo docuflick titled "The Deadly Pepper Shaker". ---- Meanwhile, Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, D.C. "Dobber"Cantwell, staunchly opposes wasteful public funding of the arts -- including subsidies for boosting OKC into becoming the "Hollywood of the Plains" -- until he himself is seduced by the siren song of silver screen stardom. ---- Henrietta Hebert, reporting for an OKC chain of weekly newspapers, initially suspends disbelief in the dramatization of half-truths and half-fictions, until stunned by a startling twist of cinema-verite at the flick's ending.


On a Sad Note:

levinson.jpgRobert S. (Bob) Levinson passed away on March 13 due to complications from pneumonia. He was the bestselling author of 13 novels including the Neil Gulliver and Stevie Marriner series of mystery-thrillers. His short stories appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and multiple anthologies. 

Bob was very kind and agreed to do an interview for You can read the interview at: We kept in touch over the years through Facebook. I will always remember him as a nice and very funny person. I will truly miss him.  I send my thoughts and prayers to his family.

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thefallen.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of The Fallen by David Baldacci.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter.

allthebeautifullies.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of  All the Beautiful Lies by Peter Swanson. Click on book cover for more information and to enter.


Winner of The Escape Artist

Michelle Murray - WI

Winner of The Wild Inside

The winner has been notified.  We are waiting for confirmation.


A Death in Live Oak by James Grippando
Flicks:  A Tale of Cinematic Docudrama, Half-Truths and Half-Fiction by Simon Plaster
Kill Me by Stephen White
Little Boy Lost by J.D. Trafford
Miguel Traveler:  The Man from Texas by Daniel McFatter
Murder on Black Swan Lane by Andrea Penrose
The Journey from Poor Procrastinator to Invested Millennial by Jeremy Kho
The Streets of Nottingham by Auckly Simwinga
The Undertaker's Daughter by Sara Bladel
Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly
Violets Are Blue by James Patterson
Warning Light by David Baldacci
Written in Blood by Layton Green






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