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This interview was conducted by Douglas R. Cobb on November 15, 2014.

It is my honor and pleasure today to be interviewing Manny Dean Fernandez, the author of Wake Up - God's Talking to You. I have reviewed this book, and if you'd like to read my thoughts on it, please click on the link listed.

Douglas R. Cobb: What was your primary goal for writing this book, Manny?

Manny Fernandez: I am so convinced that God speaks to every man, woman and child in their dreams � that I want to SHOUT it from the mountain tops. After more than 30 years of studying, writing and keeping a log (or diary) of my dreams, I�VE GOT IT�����I figured it out; He�s actually talking to all of us. I teach people HOW to develop that and listen to God.

Douglas R. Cobb: Before I get into the questions about dreams and interpreting them, Manny, I have a couple about your job of being an accountant, and your hobby of "flipping" businesses. It is surprising you find enough hours in the day to do both, and both very successfully! What are a few of the businesses that you and your wife, Shar, have "flipped"?

Manny Fernandez: Sorry to say, but my wife died last year. On December 13th 2013, Shar passed away. And after thirty years of her learning and growing with me (in dreams) she didn�t get to enjoy this exciting time of my life. I sent a list of the businesses which I have had in the past. I don�t just buy and sell, but they are like my babies. I go often to make sure the people who bought my businesses are doing well, growing and experiencing the FUN of their endeavor.

Douglas R. Cobb: What is it that you like the most about "flipping" businesses, Manny, other than making money?

Manny Fernandez: I [almost] just said that, above, it�s WHY I am an accountant too. I don�t just do your taxes, I become part of your TEAM. I tell people, �I�m your new partner, YOUR success is so important to me. In fact, Douglas, I publish a cool little booklet every year, �I Gotta Guy� which has every single client�s business(es) in a directory format. EVERYBODY that gets their taxes done here, I pitch them, �Go to My Familia and give each other business�. They can pick as many categories as they wish, there is NO cost, I do this because I love them. They are in my care, I am so loving my occupation�����.so when I buy or sell a business, I don�t walk away, I want them to succeed, GREATLY.

Douglas R. Cobb: Why do you think that most of the businesses were failing when you took them over?

Manny Fernandez: People get bored����and they get tired. One of my favorite FLIPS was a man who after decades closed down his produce market. I obtained the new lease, put new flooring, painted and filled the store with produce (Mesa Produce, it�s on my list). I then listed the place and sold it for $72,000.00. Man oh man, why don�t people just think; �this business can actually sell, I don�t have to close up�. Here�s something I learned years ago; almost every new buyer thinks he�s gonna do better than you. Every man/woman has a dream���.I just put the keys in their hand and help them fill that dream.

Douglas R. Cobb: Okay, now I'll move onto some questions about the main topic of your book, dreams and how to remember and interpret them and learn about messages that God might be trying to send us through our dreams.

First off, is there any one dream, in particular, that is your favorite one in the Bible?

Manny Fernandez: Not really, it�s like asking what�s your favorite book in the bible! OMG, each of them have such interesting wisdom and knowledge gleaned from it. I have made it my life�s work to VISIT each of the cities and just �get to know them�. If some says Corinthians I�ve studied those people, their land���..their lives (etc) so when my pastor says, �Turn to Philippians�, MAN, I�m there (in my head). It�s like �they are my people, I�m living it�.

Douglas R. Cobb: Would you please explain some of the ways that your book is different from, and better than, other books on the market about interpreting dreams?

Manny Fernandez: I�d like to say I�ve read them all, but I�m sure I haven�t, but HEY, I�ve read plenty of them. Most of them deal in the psychology perspective. If I dream of flying, it means this or that. If I dream of an Elephant, that means I wanna be a pilot (I�m making that up) in my book I teach that God is speaking to us parables. If you read my book I show so many examples of what I dreamt and what it meant to mean when I woke up. In Chapter 1 I discuss �my first dreams� thirty some years ago. The bus (in my dream) was the word of God. The bus driver, was God. It was the parable������but that�s why got me started. That dream had my mouth dropped, in awe!

Douglas R. Cobb: At various places in Wake Up: God's Talking to You, you mention the "end times," and how old men will dream dreams in those times. Do you believe that the world is in the "end times" right now?

Manny Fernandez: Ya know����s funny you ask that. From the time Jesus was taken up to heaven men have been looking up for His return. Generation after generation looks for Jesus� return. Do think we�re in end times? Probably! Will it be in my lifetime? Probably not. I actually think like this��� mom died in 1976, Shar died 11 months ago. When I die we will ALL get to heaven at the same moment AND AT THAT MOMENT time will end and the end times will be THEN. When? Haven�t figured that out, time is standing still for God. One thing I try and teach all my students (my bible studies). �Don�t live your life like there�s 7 billion people in the world���.live your life like you are Adam and your wife is Eve.� Try and think �God is there for you and only you. YOU are in the Garden of Eden (your home) and God is paying attention ONLY to you and your family� cause truly �if� time is really standing still � then God has time for everybody. So there are actually some people who will live their entire lives with God right next to them����.every moment of every day and when they die (I believe) God will show them����sort of a tape of their lives and there HE WILL BE right next to them, EVERY MOMENT of every day����and they never even said �Hello�.

Douglas R. Cobb: If we are in the "end times," Manny, what would you say are some indications that we are, whether you believe them or others that you know of believe the signs?

Manny Fernandez: Well, Douglas, I�m not an end times person. In fact, I know the bible inside and out, except Revelation. I never, ever teach it, not ever. When He comes, He comes. I live my life ready and yet I surely am not banking on Him coming tomorrow. I just ask Him this, �Lord, if you do come, can you please come before my house payments are due and not right after I pay it�☺

Douglas R. Cobb: Dreams can be very important in our lives and provide us with the answers we have been seeking, sometimes for years, provided we know how to interpret our dreams. Knowing that, why do you think that many people don't seem to care much about their dreams and see little significance about them?

Manny Fernandez: I don�t think they don�t care, I think they either don�t remember them, or haven�t been taught how to look for the interpretation. I�ve rarely have a dream that�s straight and to the point. Most of my [better] dreams do come in parables. I guy can wake (and remember) and go, �dude, what a wild dream I just had� but not know how to dig into that dream and the interpretation within it.

Douglas R. Cobb: Manny, would you say that all of our dreams come from God, or would you say that sometimes the devil or demons might be sending us certain dreams in order to test us or trick us for some reason?

Manny Fernandez: I haven�t quite figured that out, I�d like to believe that AS A CHRISTIAN God would not allow the devil, or minions to enter into my head, but the jury is out on that. But in my book I do say this, �If I wake from my dream and that dream was my grandson and I surfing at the beach����well heck, that�s just my dream�. I don�t try and figure out �what did the surfboard mean�. It was a surfboard, that�s all there is to it. A day at the beach is a day at the beach.

Douglas R. Cobb: I just have a couple more questions to go, Manny -- great answers so far! If some of our dreams might come from an evil source, like demons or the devil, what are some of the ways we can tell the difference?

Manny Fernandez: �If� those dreams do come from Satan, geez, I can hardly go there, but I�ll try �if� they do come from evil then I think the result of that dream would be [in and of itself] an evil dream or a good dream. Ya know, I can�t make that stretch, I just don�t know enough about it.

Douglas R. Cobb: Finally, Manny, could you please let our readers know some ways that people can benefit by paying closer attention to their dreams?

Manny Fernandez: What would you think if your next door neighbor was the guru of health diets, fitness and just THE most resourceful person when it comes to health? AND � you never even used that connection of your neighbor? Wouldn�t that [sort of] be foolish? To KNOW you can communicate with God in an entirely different level. To able to tap into God�s love and actually ask Him to speak to you about certain things and neglect that, c�mon, REALLY? OMG, I get so excited when I ask Him to come to me ���.give me an answer AND HE DOES, there�s NOTHING, NOTHING more exciting. How can one NOT want that? I just need to get people to WAKE UP and discover, GOD IS TALKING TO THEM.

Douglas R. Cobb: Thanks very much, Manny, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer these interview questions for me. Your inspirational book, Wake Up: God's Talking to You, should be read by everyone who is a Christian and would like to find out how God can often speak to us through our dreams.

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