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This interview was conducted by Douglas R. Cobb on October 20, 2010.

Laurie Bowler, an author who is a rising star of the supernatural romance genre, has graciously agreed to do an interview with me for this site. Her novel, Moon Rising, which I also reviewed for this site, is about the half-mortal, half-vampire Nessy, who has been cruelly imprisoned for over three hundred years by Hervidor, the leader of the Tellis vampire coven. The novel is about her escape from Hervidor's coven, and her attempts to find happiness and love in the arms of the handsome vampire, Charles Eaves, the leader of another coven. This brief synopsis is to give you a taste of the novel's storyline, and a glimpse at it's unique heroine, Nessy.

Now, let's get on to the questions!

Douglas R. Cobb: Laurie, your novel, Moon Rising, is an action-packed book of supernatural romance, featuring as your heroine Marinette, or Nessy, as she's also known as in the book. She's half-mortal, half-vampire, and can be at times a total bad-ass when necessary.

What gave you the idea to write a novel about such a unique character? Who were some of your influences--were a couple of them Stephanie Meyer and possibly Charlaine Harris?

Laurie Bowler: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer is a brilliant series of books to own and I simply adored them. Moon Rising I started before I'd heard of Twilight but it influenced me with Moon Rising quite a bit, I was trying to find something different and after reading Twilight that's where I figured out how my book could be completely different with the plot and the way I portrayed vampires and then I stumbled on the Gulon characters and the rest of the book flew from my fingers onto the page.

Douglas R. Cobb: What are some of the ways your vampires are similar to/different from the ways vampires have been traditionally portrayed in movies and literature in the past?

Laurie Bowler: My vampires I wanted to be able to bring them across to readers as people as much as we are, with feelings and their own minds. Their feeding habits are from human blood but not directly taking someone's life, they drink from the infected blood that's unfit for humans to use. They're similar in some ways because some of them are traditional such as the Tellis coven, who have no conscience when it comes to taking a human's life!

Douglas R. Cobb: Hervidor is one of the main villains in Moon Rising. He was Nessy's (and Charles Eaves', Nessy's romantic love interest) "maker," the person who changed her into a half-vampire. Yet, he also supposedly did it because he had felt something like love for her, and vice-versa, or why bother getting married to her, as he did? Could you then go into why Hervidor imprisoned her, and why for over three hundred years?

Laurie Bowler: Hervidor wanted to have Nessy with him, his idea was to have another wife waiting to rule beside him when Scarlet was killed, he felt it inevitable that it would happen. His love for Nessy wasn't real, it was one of his traits so he could gain her trust and trick her into a false pretense of security which he did successfully. Hervidor then imprisoned Nessy because she wouldnt conform to a full vampire and begin to be as sinister as the rest of his sect which made him nervous and angry with her stubborness and her beliefs. His wrath caused him to lock her away, and then try to make her take a human when her thirst was to much for her to stand, by placing humans inside her cell.

Douglas R. Cobb: How is it that Nessy has remained half & half, as it were, for so long, and related to this, why doesn't she want to become a full vampire by taking a human life?

Laurie Bowler: Nessy holds it dear to her heart that taking a human's life is wrong, she was fully human once and brought up in a world where 'murder' was evil and your soul wouldn't go to heaven. She remained half and half by believing in herself and her own conscience, she felt her life was her own and whatever she did she would not become as sinister as the Tellis, then she meets Charles and finds herself thrown into an entirely different world of vampires and the way living as an immortal could be as easy as living as a mortal.

Douglas R. Cobb: Who, or what, are the creatures you write about called the Gulons Who is Heracio (or Hera) and why does he like Nessy and try to help her at various points in the novel? Are the Gulons based on supernatural beings you've read about, or are they wholly your own creation?

Laurie Bowler: Hera is Nessy's only friend when she is incarcerated, Nessy doesn't find out until later on that he is actually related to her and her last remaining relationship. Their bond was built upon a mutual respect when Hera finds her incarcerated and stays with her for endless conversations, he found himself intrigued by this lonely imprisoned half vampire woman. The Gulons are based upon Scandanavian mythical creatures. I have changed aspects of their original description to suit Moon Rising and the Gulon characters, I felt I wanted to find something other than Werewolves to fight with and against vampires, for a nice change in the traditional vampire books I have read so far.

Douglas R. Cobb: Hervidor doesn't tell Nessy that he's already got a vampire mate, Scarlet. What does Nessy do that inevitably leads to Scarlet's death?

Laurie Bowler: Scarlet sends a young child into the cell with Nessy while Nessy was at her lowest point and ready to consume humans to cure her thirst that was raging out of control. Scarlet did this in an attempt at tormenting Nessy which back fired when Nessy frees herself and returns the young boy to his home, its then that Scarlet goes after the child for her meal and finds herself surrounded by many humans, who are angry with her immortal being and take her life. Douglas R. Cobb: At first, Nessy is worried about staying with Charles Eaves' vampire coven because she's afraid they'll be wiped out by Hervidor's group, the Tellis coven, who likely will come searching for her. What makes Nessy change her mind and decide to stay at Eaves' coven, at least for a while?

Douglas R. Cobb: At first, Nessy is worried about staying with Charles Eaves' vampire coven because she's afraid they'll be wiped out by Hervidor's group, the Tellis coven, who likely will come searching for her. What makes Nessy change her mind and decide to stay at Eaves' coven, at least for a while?

Laurie Bowler: Nessy is completely confused by the world she's escaped from, only to find herself in another one thats even more confusing. The last thing she remembers before Hervidor imprisoned her was horse and carriages by means of transport only to find cars have replaced that. She is terrified to cause harm to other people that she has grown to love, and begins to build up trust. The more time she spends with Charles and his coven the more she trusts them and begins to believe in the inner strength she never knew she possessed.

Douglas R. Cobb: Do you see any of Nessy's qualities in yourself, and, if so, what are some of them?

Laurie Bowler: Nessy is afraid to believe in her own strength and abilities, with these 2 qualities we are the same. Nessy has a big heart that she opened up to Hervidor and then Charles, we are the same in this respect as well, our minds are cautious when meeting new people and seeing new places.

Douglas R. Cobb: Do you plan on writing more vampire novels in the future? Or, will you possibly write one about an entirely different supernatural being, like maybe zombies or werewolves?

Laurie Bowler: The next 2 novels are vampire based. But I have a novel I'm working on alongside a vampire novel which is called 'The Volcan Knights'. This one is a supernatural thriller and is going to be exciting. I really want to start a novel on werewolves though very soon, I've done vampires so werewolves are definitely on my list alongside a special creature I've recently started to character build, but its a secret at the moment!!

Douglas R. Cobb: And now, Laurie, we've come to my last question, but certainly not the least! I was wondering if you could tell our readers if you're currently working on another novel? If so, do you have a working title for it? Also, when can we expect to see it in the bookstores and on sale at Amazon and other fine online sites?

Laurie Bowler: Moon Rising has sequel 'Sunrise to Sunset' which is due out in November. I am also working on another novel called 'Serena Embracing Darkness'. There are more that will appear by the end of the year, I will keep everyone updated on my website

Douglas R. Cobb: Thanks again, Laurie, for taking the time out of your busy schedule and life to do this interview with me! I and the entire staff here wish you much luck & success in the coming years, and I, for one, am eagerly anticipating reading your future novels! If they're going to be anything like Moon Rising, I'm sure they'll do very well, indeed!

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