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Nancy Eaton conducted this interview with Grant Foster, author of The Pearl of Dubai. The interview was done on February 10, 2010. The first eight questions were provided by Chris Phillips who completed the book review for The Pearl of Dubai.

Why did you choose to write another accounting of Anastasia?

Russian history has always interested me. Like many others I have always believed Anastasia did escape.

What brought the plot twist, Anastasia disappearing into the Arabia desert as a wife and mother, to your mind?

The plot sounds complicated but strangely enough it came to me rather easily. I was researching Dubai as I was planning a trip there and of course back in 1916 it was a small fishing village noted for pearls. Pearls; the winter palace; Faberge; romance; exotica; my imagination ran wild and the story just seemed to take shape. What a wonderful place for Anastasia to discover; surely it is here where she found love.

What was the relevance or purpose of mentioning all the sexual activity within the Winter Palace and around Anastasia? Was there a particular reason for emphasizing this? Was there some underlying motive to the amount a gay activity?

Sexual activity both straight and gay was not an uncommon occurance amongst the aristocracy of Russia and of course Europe. Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovich was known to have had an affair with Prince Yusipov who enjoyed dressing as a woman. After evenings of drinking and partying within the Winter Palace there would have been ample opportunity for sexual exploits. Anastasia of course whilst searching for her cousin (Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovich) who she was very fond of discovers him in an embarrassing embrace; hence the first twist in the story. Her sister Marie was known to be infatuated with an officer; her parents were aware of this. With the stirrings of the revolution and unrest just outside the palace walls causing security to be re-directed it was an opportunity for her to become better aquainted with the officer; hence the second twist in the story.

How long did it take to research and write this book? Did you have to travel much? Is there another story in those travels?

Yes, I did extensive research and I traveled to Dubai to get a feel for the place. There will be several more novels come out of these travels and the character Terence Hodge is in the novel I am writing at the moment.

Are you other two books also Historical Fiction? What is the plot for them?

My second book that has now come out: "The Forest of Copplestone Lane" is a science fiction/fantasy/mystery. I'm very happy with this book and the twists and turns and intrigue I think will keep the reader turning the pages. There is romance and controversy in this novel. I am currently writing a thriller; a serial killer in London and it is shaping up very well and will have the reader guessing to the end.

Why do you write when you have another successful career?

I wanted to diversify, as simple as that. I read a great deal and one day decided to try to write myself. I started late but I am enjoying it tremendously and am so busy now combining my music and writing novels that I never get bored.

I noticed the publisher mentioned that they didn�t provide any editing services. Are you going to get an editor to help you with any reprints?

Yes, I will get the errors attended to. It really is impossible to do it all yourself as the page becomes a blur.

Since you are writing another book, are there more on the horizon?

I enjoy writing my novels tremendously and would like to think I will keep bringing them out. I have ideas floating around and I do like to make a story interesting. Music will always be with me and this year I have several big projects being performed and recorded, one is "The Pearl of Dubai Suite."

Do you have a message you would like to give all the readers out there?

I hope I am able to bring to readers some stories that will keep them glued to the page.

I and the entire staff at would like to give our thanks to Grant Foster for taking the time to do this interview!