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WIND: A Tragicomedic Tale of Trials & Errors

WIND: A Tragicomedic Tale of Trials & Errors

BY Simon Plaster

According to Mark Twain, history never repeats itself, but sometimes rhymes. And that appears to be the case when a set of circumstances in Oklahoma mirror in reverse those that in Tennessee led to the famous Scopes "Monkey Trial" of 1925, to-wit: - A school teacher named Joe McDokes assigns to students enrolled in a so-called literature class the biblical account of creation contained in the first chapter of Genesis, possibly in violation of the separation of church and state provision of the U.S. Constitution. - An ill-humored newspaperman, Owen Hatteras, in homage to the legendary contrarian critic, H.L. Mencken, plots a replay of the so-called "trial of the twentieth century" with intent of correcting an erroneous dramatization of the historical record by a popular movie titled Inherit the Wind. - A local District Attorney engaged in a campaign for re-election, Lawrence Farrell, is also urged by prominent members of of both the local business community and American Civil Liberties Union to file criminal charges against McDokes. - An aged former DA and veteran politician, William B. Ryan, campaigning to regain the public office he held more than thirty years ago, is drawn into the controversy despite his reluctance to enflame divisive issues that have simmered for decades. - Aspiring journalist, Henrietta Hebert, covers the tragicomic tale of trials and errors to its startling conclusion.