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They Call Me Ms

They Call Me Ms: A Vic Carella Mystery
by Terry Adcock

She can find anything, but this time, danger finds her!

Vic Carella, private investigator and ace 'finder of lost objects,' locates Mitch Goldberg's stolen yacht only to discover his so-called friends used it for gun-running and human trafficking. However, when her client turns up dead, Vic feels compelled to bring his killers to justice, and rescue untold numbers of young women forced into the world's oldest profession.

Between her two chief antagonists, she'd like to kill Boris 'the Bear' Zharkov, but what about this Boots Johnson guy? Now him she'd like to kiss. Is he really the villain he pretends to be? Sure, she's made mistakes before, but can she trust her instincts when it comes to the dapper arms smuggler who threatens to steal her heart?

Through sheer determination, the former military police officer survives one vicious attack after another. Can Vic finally uncover the dark secret behind the continual outbursts of violence before it's too late? Can she stay alive long enough to stop the pure evil threatening her?

And what of her handsome adversary? Is she willing to compromise her values for a chance at happiness? One thing she's sure of, if she's not careful, she's likely to end up dead.

They Call Me Ms. is the first book in the Vic Carella mystery series set in Washington, DC that's perfect for fans of fast-paced crime fiction and suspense.