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Maximise Your Child's Performance

Maximise Your Child's Performance
A Concise Guide to Unlocking their Potential
by Jennie Segar

We all want our children to do well in life and achieve their full potential, but what if there was a way to increase your child's grades at school simply by participating in a few, fun activities carried out at strategic times on their educational journey? Perhaps you want your child to be a great reader, enjoy creative writing and feel confident in maths throughout their schooling. Are there things perhaps, which you could do to make this much easier for them?

Concisely created with busy parents and carers in mind, Maximise Your Child's Performance examines 10 areas in which you can make a real difference to your child's academic achievement. With a few simple hacks from preschool age through to the teens, experienced educator, Jennie Segar, draws on personal experience and the results of scientific research to guide parents and carers on how to help their children increase their cognitive abilities so that they can maximise their performance in class tests, entrance exams, GCSEs and SATs. Regardless of a child's socioeconomic background and the academic achievement of their parents, she firmly believes that all healthy children can unlock this potential, improving their so called 'intelligence'. She has seen it happen and is confident that this information will help you and your children too.

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