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La Chimère of Prague

La Chimère of Prague: Part II (The Chimera of Prague Book 2)


In August Joseph moves to a new flat. He leaves his fairy tale flat behind. Out with his friends at a former brothel, Joseph runs into Bert the pornographer. Joseph spars with the prettiest girl in Bert's entourage: his accountant. One night Joseph takes a long walk home and begins to discover the real reason he's in Prague. Out to dinner with his lover and her boyfriend, Joseph finds Naked Pete. Naked Pete may hold the answers Joseph has been seeking about the death of his mermaid bi-sexual lover Ingrid. Naked Pete tells him something else instead.

Joseph says he doesn’t pay for sex but when his friend with benefits gets pregnant, Joseph has to eat his words. In September, she stays at his place after the procedure to recuperate. Naked Pete fails to check on her as he said he would; Joseph is forced to stop by. He finds Ilona unconscious in a pool of blood; he has to recruit help from her sister. Joseph gets a lesson in plumbing. His flat is flooded one weekend and he is forced to turn to his neighbors for help. When he does, his neighbors recruit help from his landlord’s wife. The problem is Joseph is behind on his rent and he's afraid she’s going to try and collect. She helps him clean up and repair the damage.

In October, Joseph attends a wedding in Barcelona with his college buddies. He is reminded of his all too recent divorce, of what he really wants in life. His visit to the beaches, to the Sagrada Familia, and to eat paella on Las Ramblas spice up his reunion with old friends.

In November, Jacques moves in with Joseph. He is recovering from a breakup with his live-in girlfriend of five years. Joseph’s experience divorcing Rachel makes him sound wise. Joseph’s obsession with Karina reaches new heights of ridiculousness when she unexpectedly agrees to see a movie with him, stays the night, and then leaves the country for two weeks with her English tutor. Joseph vows never to see her again.

In December, Karina is back from her trip to Italy and ready for something more with Joseph. Her photo is on the cover of Elle magazine and plastered all around the city. Joseph can't escape her. He decides to ask her to move in with him and strings up his flat with thread to lead her, like Alice in Wonderland, to the copy of keys he has made for her. Before he entangles himself further, he comes to his senses and chucks the set of keys off the Charles Bridge.