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Awakening Colors by Ritu K. Gupta

Awakening ColorsReviewed by Teri Davis

All of us are born with special gifts and spend much of our lives discovering them. What if your gift is one of the unusual ones? One that people will have difficulty believing? How do you learn to use this gift while wanting to be certain that no one is hurt because of your gift? How does your family deal with this gift?

A car accident shatters Pari’s life. Her father is with her in the car when someone talks to her about getting out of the vehicle. Her father doesn’t want her to leave. She sees colors around her. Then all is dark.

Six months later, Pari finally awakens from a coma. Her father died in the accident. How do you pick up your life now?

However, things are different now. Pari can actually view people’s auras – the colors constantly surrounding and changing with each person. She quickly learns how this allows her to sense their moods, intents, character, and their choices in their future. Who can you talk to about this?

One of her father’s associates, Arche, attempts to assist her with her newly discovered gifts which he also possesses. He knows that he is also able to change others’ destinies but doing so can change three worlds: the material, the illusionary, and the timeless. He quickly realizes that Pari’s abilities far surpass his. He hopes to “guide” her with her new discoveries. However, Pari senses a darkness within him that frightens her. Pari must learn more from Chanakya, her spiritual guide, reflective of the goddess Devi..

The Eternal Ones by Kristen Miller

Reviewed by Joanne Reynolds

The Eternal Ones by Kristen MillerHaven Moore is a teenager growing up in Snopes City, Tennessee. She lives with her widowed mother and her very controlling grandmother in her grandmother’s beautiful grand home. She creates prom dresses for her classmates, as she is kind of a loner.

Haven has suffered from fainting spells since the age of 4 and during her spells, she lives another life. She is Constance in her former life, and is ever searching for her Ethan.

Haven reads of an actor named Ian and discovers that he is the Ethan that she has been imagining in her fainting spells.

Vampire Theory by Lily Caracci

Reviewed by Stephanie Nordkap

vampireEmalyn Archer leads a fairly normal life: She’s best friends with both the captain of the basketball team and the cheerleading squad, gets good grades in school, and leads a fairly normal and active social life. She has never wielded a weapon or imagined that danger, other than the usual kind, lurks in her beloved town.

When gorgeous Alan comes to North Willchester High, Emmy’s world suddenly turns upside down. Upon discovering an unusual book in her school library entitled “Vampire Theory”, Emmy comes face to face with Alan in a battle over the book, a book that Alan wants desperately. Showing unusual stubborness and facing an unusual battle of wits in the library, Emmy takes the book home with her, questions about the confrontation burning in her mind. As more and more unusual situations occur, Emmy becomes very suspicious about what is really happening around her. Soon enough, girls start to go missing or are found dead, and Emmy’s suspicions grow dangerously real as she reads more and more into the book that Alan still desperately wants or needs. As her dangerous knowledge grows, Emmy puts herself, and those around her, in grave danger. Forbidden knowledge is not always good to have and soon Emmy is in a race to save herself and those around from being killed and she must use skills she never thought she’d ever have to use. And the worse part, the person she thought she could trust the most, may be the person who betrays her.

What I really enjoyed in this novel is the complexity of the characters and their development and growth throughout the novel. Emmy is an amazing and intriguing character who appears to be meek and mild, just barely fitting into her in-crowd status, but really has guts and brawn and courage that outstrips them all. She has weaknesses like everyone, but uses those weaknesses to her advantage in many situations and learns from her mistakes. I adored Emmy and really admired her sass and her ‘take charge’ attitude. There really were no characters that I actively disliked, even the bad guys, as they were all so interesting and fascinating and unique. Ms. Caracci certainly went out of her way to ensure that the characters stayed true to their personalities and spent time developing them in order to tell a fantastic story.