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Keeper of Reign by Emma Right

Keeper of Reign

Reviewed by Teri Davis

What if we were long ago cursed and all our wisdom, history, and tradition was divided and recorded into five books? Naturally, the best way to keep the information safe would be to assign each of these books to five different people. Those whose families had the responsibilities of these books did not always know which other families were also keepers. This kept the books and people safe.

This curse turned our normal sized human selves into Elfies and also developed a technology for lanterns and an unusual relationship with dragonflies. And, the books, too, shrank when we did and needed to be safely hidden, for our enemies know without them we would be rendered eternally hopeless.

Jules Blaze is a sixteen-year-old boy with one younger brother and three sisters. As the eldest, he finds himself as heir of a Keeper, one who keeps the valued history of his people. With his father away fighting to keep their people safe, Jules reluctantly realizes his responsibilities to his siblings as their home in attacked since his mother is a Keeper.