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Wrinkles, Wastelines and Wet Pants: Improbable Scenarios of The Not-So-Rich and The Not-So-Famous by Jeanne R. Kraus

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Wrinkles, Wastelines and Wet Pants by Jeanne R. KrausIf you are over fifty, female, have difficulty losing weight, and do not like the entire aging procedure, then this book is for you. Other preferable criteria would be for those of us in the education field, especially elementary education, we can truly relate to the experiences in WRINKLES, WAISLINES, AND WET PANTS. For the rest of the world, they would fail to connect with the daily challenges for those of us in this grouping.

How many of us have been frustrated with our current look and always wonder about having a make-over? That’s what Jeanne Kraus experienced. However, her make-over did not have the results that she expected. (You need to read the book to discover what really happened)