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Uprush by Jo Barney


Reviewed by Teri Davis

“Then, on this weekend, just as water flew landward onto the beach in an uprush, a breaking wave of sorrow flows through their days, an uprush that changes each of their lives.”

Four longtime friends are meeting at a beach house to renew their friendships, updating and sharing their lives with each other. All the women are in their sixties and each has discovered that life is not as well-ordered and smooth as they had hoped and expected.

Madge Slocum is a successful writer and has a gift for each of her friends. In her newest manuscript, she has written a chapter covering each of the
women’s lives. How would you like someone documenting all your life choices
into a story? Madge does have a particular touch in story writing focusing on the truth which is not always what we want others to see. Each of the three women is challenged to correct, change and to continue their story before it is sent to be published. Does anyone want their lives revealed to everyone?

Lou, Madge, Jackie and Joan have endured troubled marriages and lives that appear perfect but in actuality have more heart-break and problems than they could ever have imagined. Appearances and plastic surgery can be deceiving. This get-together every few years catches them up on each other’s lives and also brings a sense of “truth” into their relationship.

After the first night together, Lou, Jackie and Joan awaken to find Madge is not in the house. However, they are not really surprised. Together they wander on the beach and discover Madge’s walking stick. Could Madge have been drowned, taken out with the tide? Why are these women not frantically searching more for her?

The women call the local sheriff after awhile to inform him of Madge’s

Lucius Baker tends to have an easy life in this small community. The most
excitement he has had since taking this job in this small community of three thousand has been chasing cows, rescuing cats and goats and breaking up fights in the bars. His years of experience have given him an intuitive sense of knowing that these three women have not been completely truthful with him. Where is Madge? What secrets are they refusing to share with him?

*Uprush* is a stimulating novel to read involving realistic characters who have believable issues in their lives. The writing at first is a little confusing until it is understood the differences between Madge’s writing and the actual events of the story. The characterization is outstanding with the reader being able to actually visualize each person and to understand the challenges and successes of each woman.

*Uprush* was previous published as *The Solarium* and is still available through Barnes and Noble and I-Books.

Jo Barney has written numerous short stories and has also published the thriller *Graffiti Grandma.*

*Uprush* is a novel reflecting our human nature and finding “truth” in our lives.

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