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Sunrise to Sunset by Laurie Bowler

Sunrise to Sunset by Laurie BowlerReviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

Nessy, the half-vampire, half-mortal heroine of Laurie Bowler’s Horror/Romance novel, Moon Rising, is back in her stunning and page-turning sequel, Sunrise to Sunset. She starts off the novel having totally lost her memories, except for when she was a mortal. She doesn’t even recall who Charles Eaves is, the vampire whom she fell in love with in Moon Rising, who is the head of his coven and who offered her protection from Hervidor’s vampire coven, which had kept her imprisoned for hundreds of years. Charles tries to help her regain her memories, but he wants to do it slowly, so as not to cause her to have a relapse by getting too much information overload at one time. But, time’s a precious commodity, and Nessy needs to remember whom she is, and that she defeated and killed Hervidor, so she can take her rightful place as the queen of the underworld.

Charles Eaves, and Nessy’s cousin, the Gulon, Hera, now the leader of his pack, knew that Nessy was special in being half-mortal and half-vampire and in not wanting to sustain her own life by killing any humans; but, even they didn’t realize exactly how special she was in the novel Moon Rising. Now, she has become something different, a complete vampire, but with human feelings and emotions, though her blood has turned cold and her heart no longer beats. But, she is also part Gulon, as her father, Abram, was a full-blooded one, and was the leader of the pack before Hera took over at his death.

Gulons, for anyone who has not yet read Moon Rising, are creatures who can take the form of humans, but who change to resemble huge cat-like creatures at will. They are creatures who protect and watch over humans, to prevent vampires from attacking them. They will fight against vampires if necessary to defend mortals, and this is why they are often considered to be each other’s enemies. Nessy found out in Moon Rising that she could take the shape of a Gulon, and when her memories come back in Sunrise to Sunset, she remembers that a major part of her heritage is that she is also part Gulon, and technically the heir to being the leader of the pack Hera leads. She doesn’t want to try to push her cousin aside, though, because he has been so kind to her, and has helped to protect her and save her from Hervidor.

Ghost in Trouble by Carolyn Hart

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

Ghost in Trouble by Carolyn HartI have read all three books in this series and loved each one. The nice thing is that each book gets better than the last one.

Wiggins, who is in charge of Heaven’s Department of Good Intentions, gives Bailey Ruth the details of her new assignment. She will be going back to her hometown of Adelaide, Oklahoma to help save the life of Kay Clark, a woman she was not really fond of for some very good reasons. However, since she is now in heaven, all things must be forgiven.

Will Bailey Ruth be able to save Kay Clark’s life? Most importantly, will she be able to follow Wiggins’ instructions?

Moon Rising by Laurie Bowler

Reviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

Moon Rising by Laurie BowlerImprisoned for three hundred years by the Tellis vampire coven, Marinette (Nessy) is a half- vampire, half-human who survives by drinking the blood of rats or bags of infected human blood. She has sworn to never take a human life herself, so she has never been completely transformed into a vampire. She still has the feelings of a warm-blooded human, and can be more easily killed than other vampires, but she is stronger than them in some ways, having never succumbed to the blood lust that drives all other vampires to kill humans. She is unique in the history of vampires, and this makes her much sought after, because whatever coven she might add her power to would likely become the most powerful and unstoppable one of them all. But, Nessy is not interested in power, though she is highly skilled at fighting, nor is she interested in blood- letting. She really only wants what most of us want: to be loved. Can she find this love by becoming a member of the coven Charles Eaves runs, or is she doomed to an eternity of a solitary existence, pursued throughout eternity by Hervidor, and his Tellis coven?

Hervidor, who is Nessy’s maker, the vampire who had been her lover, her husband, and the one who caused her transformation by biting her neck hundreds of years ago, will always be searching for Nessy and trying to get her back and force her to become a full vampire and rule alongside him. This is especially his goal, after the death of his vampire mate, Scarlet. At one time, before her wedding night, Hervidor had seemed to Nessy to be very romantic and handsome, and she couldn’t help but to fall in love with him, and she felt he also fell in love with her. That may have been the case, but Hervidor failed to mention he already had a vampire mate, Scarlet, and that he, himself, was a vampire. Scarlet had been extremely jealous of Nessy, and, during Nessy’s long captivity, had been one of her cruelest tormentors.

With the aid of Charles and his coven, and that of the large, cat-like Gulons, lead by Heracio (or Hera, as he’s also known as in the novel), Nessy dares to hope that Hervidor won’t succeed in tracking her down and forcing her to rule alongside him, as Scarlet did. Hera, and unbeknownst at the time to Charles, his niece, Melody, had been the only ones who had been able to visit Nessy in her locked room during her lengthy imprisonment. Though the Golons are traditionally enemies of vampires, because vampires kill the very humans that the Gulons try to protect, Hera realizes that Nessy is different from all other vampires, and he befriends her. He and the other Gulons also have an arrangement with Charles Eaves and his coven to leave them alone as long as they sustain themselves with bagged human blood, and don’t kill any of them.