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Shattered by Kathryn Casey

Reviewed by Julie Moderson

Shattered by Kathryn CaseyKathryn Casey is a well know true crime author. Casey has written six true crime books and has spent over twenty years researching and writing about real people. She understands so much about law enforcement and the criminal mind.

Belinda Temple was married to her college sweetheart. David Temple was a former high school and college star football player and they seemed to be living a fairy tale marriage. David was a teacher and high school football coach. Belinda was a warm, loveable high school teacher who her co-workers called the Sunshine Girl. Belinda was a twin to Brenda who saw sadness in her sister the last time she visited her.

Deadly Angel by Fred Rosen (Review #2)

angel1Reviewed by Julie Moderson

Fred Rosen has written many true crime books and I think Deadly Angel is one of the best or worst true crime stories ever written. I find it so bizarre that Mechele Huges and John Carlin III got away with murder for almost 12 years.

Looking for easy money and a new life Mechele Hughes went to Wasilla, Alaska. (yes folks the same city that Sarah Palin is from) Sarah Palin did not make it easy for the police to solve this murder, she was busy firing Wasilla’s’ police chief . She also issued a gag order that no city employee was to talk to the news media without her permission. Perhaps it wouldn’t help her career in politics to be associated with a fisherman who was murdered by a stripper in her own home town.

The Bush Company, a strip club just outside of the Wasilla city limits was where Mechele found employment as a exotic dancer. She had a way with men and was soon getting expensive gifts and earning thousands of dollars a night. She was engaged to three men at the same time who she met at the strip club; Kent Leppink, John
Carlin and Scott Hilke and they all lived in the same house.

In May of 1996 Kent Leppink’s bullet ridden body was found in a remote area near Hope, Alaska. Kent wrote a letter to his parents about who he thought might kill him and he changed beneficiaries at the last minute on an insurance policy that Mechele talked him into purchasing.

More than ten years would pass before the murder trials of John Carlin III and Mechele Hughes. Mechele was married to a doctor and a mother of a young child. She turned her life around and got a master’s degree and had dedicated her life to children, animals and charitable causes. Did she orchestrate this murder or did
John Carlin III do it on his own?

As you read this story you keep having to remind yourself that this isn’t fiction because it seems like it can’t possibly be true.

Deadly Angel by Fred Rosen

deadlyReviewed by Laura Goodwin

This book chronicles the bizarre tale of Mechele Hughes and the murder of Kent “TT” Leppink. Mechele worked as an exotic dancer at the Great Alaskan Bush Company in Anchorage, Alaska. The story gives background on her life leading up to the murder. As you are reading it, the author truly makes you want to beat the ever loving crap out of her. She was very materialistic and her only focus in life was on money and what she could get out of people.

The moment Kent met her at the club, he was instantly smitten with her. Almost on the verge of obsession, he catered to her every need and followed her around like a puppy. Soon after, they became engaged and this is the point where the story gets more bizarre. Mechele soon finds two more suitors who also become her fiancés as well, one of which is John Carlin III and the other Scott Hilke. How is it that each man did not know about the other? Scott lived the furthest away and Mechele would travel out of town to see him.

Prior to Kent’s murder, Mechele had him running around like an errand boy and spending thousands of dollars to fix up her house. Mechele and John lure Kent away to a cabin by leaving a note and this brings an end to his demise. Luckily, Kent had mailed a letter to his parents specifically implying that if he was found dead, it was due to Mechele and John and it made reference to the life insurance policy that Mechele made him take out. How fitting that he had her removed before his death, so she would have not gained anything by him being dead. This one piece of evidence helped to convict her and John in the case.

The story follows the events leading after the murder and Michele’s whereabouts and that she had sent a computer to her sister to have the hard drive wiped out. Luckily, her sister did not follow through and contacted the authorities. The investigators were so close on her heels and found out that she was traveling with John’s son in a motor home. Nearly ten years goes by and a new identity emerges and Mechele is now a Doctors’ wife and a mother. Finally, justice is served and she is given a 99 year sentence for conspiracy to commit murder. We also learn that John Carlin III is bludgeoned to death in prison.

I liked this book and the author’s research that he did. It read like a novel and it reminded me of Forensic Files on television. It is a very quick read and I would recommend it to anybody who is into the True Crime genre.