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Second Life (Success and Failure are but Two Sides of the Same Page) by Herman Franck, Esq.

Reviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

Second Life by Herman Franck, Esq.What if you had the chance to start all over again? Would you take it? Would you give up the person you now are, if you had a chance at a second life? What if you did, only to discover that the “second life,” wasn’t all that it was cut up to be–then, what would you do? These are questions and hard choices that the main character, Dr. Harold Glockner, of Herman Franck’s short but thoroughly enjoyable novel Second Life is forced by circumstances (of a supernatural sort) to face. The choices we make shape our lives, and there is often not very much that separates who ultimately become either successes or failures. Even when we are guided by angels, the final choice is always ours to make. The trouble is that we don’t know until after the fact whether our choices are the “correct” ones that lead us to success, or are “incorrect” ones, that lead us to failure.