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Smoking: 201 Reasons to Quit by Muriel L. Crawford

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

smokingI am a non-smoker. However, I have lost several family members and friends due to smoking related illnesses.

Jack Klugman has written the foreward for Smoking: 201 Reasons to Quit. As we know, Jack was diagnosed with cancer. He received an earlier warning from his doctor that he had a precancerous condition on his vocal chords. The doctor told him that if he stopped smoking, the condition could get better. Jack did stop smoking for three months. When the doctor told him his condition was better, he left the office and the first thing he did was purchase a pack of cigarettes. We all know what happened after that!

Muriel worked as a lawyer for many years for a life and health insurance company. While in this position, she studied medical files relating to insurance claims. It did not take her very long to realize that many of the illnesses were related to the use of tobacco.

Sacred Grief by Leslee Tessmann

griefReviewed by Chris Phillips

Tessmann has written a how-to manual for changing perspective. Although she uses grief as the focus, she is really presenting a life changing process for living in the moment. Grief is an easy emotion to work with because most persons in society do not handle grief well even if they don’t just totally ignore it.

Tessmann lived through several grieving processes but also through several other problems that have taught her what she expresses here. She relates her losses but particularly the loss of her father which prompted the writing of the book. Mostly this is how she dealt with grief and what obstacles she had to face.

The Affordabilty Factor: The 4C’s of Change by Nathaniel J. Williams

affordabilityReviewed by Mary Ebert

Everyone has problems in life. It’s how we handle them that make the difference. Some people are prone to over reaction which can and often does make a problem much worse then it needs to be. But learning to stop, wait, and think out the problem isn’t something people may be good at. Using Dr Williams’ techniques can help us all start to handle things better.

Dr. Williams uses simple and catchy lanuage to help us make his program something we can all use and remember in times where our panic buttons are going to go off. By simply owning that we now have to deal with a situation we didn’t want we start the process.

How to Talk with Anyone About Anything by Jill Spiegel with Joe Brozic

talkReviewed by Teri Davis

Most of us at some time have felt socially inept at what to say to connect with other people. This is the book to help all of us connect with others to be more likable and to enjoy other people more.

Jill Spiegel is one of those fortunate people who seem to automatically meet strangers and to connect with them. She is one of those gifted people who excel in sales because she instinctively knows how to connect with people instantly. With her husband, Joe Brozic, together they wrote this book based on their successes in life.

In this book are the secrets of mind messages which build on your personal confidence, having the high expectation of connecting with others, and then complimenting others sincerely.

Also, included in this is information about how to deal with unwanted advice and also how to converse intelligently on any subject.

In this short and concise advice book, everyone can benefit from some aspect of it. All of us in today’s “me first” attitude, this is what is needed by all of us to get back to the basic values and connections with other people. In this book are ways to start a conversation, building a conversation, how to maintain the connection, conversation savers, how to decline and stay connected, and taking connections to the next level.

What better author for this subject than an expert in this area! Thank you, Jill, for finally having an advice book that all of us can use.