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Making It by Amanda Gibbs

Making It

Reviewed by Timea Barabas

Love has many faces and Amanda Gibbs invites you to discover one of these through her book Making It. Her stories are not restricted to a single literary form, but take on whatever serves them best, so you can expect anything from prose and poetry to vignettes.

Actually, Making It is like a written photo album of a couple’s life. The chapters are like HD snapshots of adventures these two shared from the day they met to their 30th anniversary. The high-resolution imagery allows you to witness the smallest of details and the most intimate thoughts. What the reader sees about this couple is not restricted only to the material dimension, but it goes beyond that, to the magical and still largely unmapped minds of a woman and a man. The two main characters bare the burden of representing their gender, and they are both, in a sense the archetypal male and female. However, they bare the mark of our modern times. There is an interesting dynamic between what both of them think, say, and do. Their actions (just like ours) are not always smoothly linked to their thoughts and words. It takes time and dedication to get to truly know a person, sometimes it takes 30 years, and sometimes a lifetime is still not enough.

No Crying for Elena: A Woman Raised in a Cult and Her Daughter Finally Find Salvation in Each Other by N. Meridian

No Crying for Elena Reviewed by Diane Pollock

Child of a Cult, Woman of the World.

The author relates the true story of her life as a young girl in a cult who was forced into the real world following a raid upon their compound. She carves out a life for herself as a teenager, but is sideswiped by a rape that led to her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter Elena. She triumphs in the end as we leave her looking forward with hope.

The author has had an intriguing and difficult life, overcoming much adversity. I feel that the very writing of this book was quite cathartic and even necessary for her. The book teases us with flashes and glances at her life, leaving us longing for further detail. For example, we learn of her moving in with her Aunt Bee and living with her for many months before suddenly being told that Aunt Bee had an adult daughter who was bipolar and quite cruel to our heroine.

Dating Tips for You by Nocita Carter

Reviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

Dating Tips for You by Nocita CarterDating: Love it, hate it–we’re all either eventually going to date, have dated with varying degrees of success, or are married or in a relationship currently, but possibly one day in the future, will end up dating again. There are lots of different self-help and dating books that have been published to make the success you have at dating more likely than if you, to use a baseball metaphor, just keep swinging at the ball and missing it again and again. One book that I’ve read lately that is short, to the point, and contains numerous informative and useful tips on dating is Dating Tips for You by Nocita Carter. Though I am married, I saw many tips that would have been useful for me to know while I was dating, and ones which my teen daughter likely will find useful to know.

Different books focus on different aspects of dating. This book covers many topics that anyone embarking on wanting to meet someone they will want to have fun with and maybe share their lives with at some point down the road either have run into, or will, such as who should pay the bill on a date, or if the cost should be split. There are many schools of thought on this, because the man might feel as a man it’s his responsibility to pay for the bill. However, the woman may not want to feel as if, by the man paying for the bill, that she is then obligated to have sex with him. A happy medium the author mentions is that the two people might agree to switch off, one paying for the first date, the other, for the second.

Other topics include if you should date your boss or a coworker, if it’s a good idea to date your neighbor, if dating for fun with no commitment is for you or not, and if your date should meet your family and friends. As to the last topic I mentioned, doing it right away is generally not good, as it puts a lot of pressure on everyone involved. Whenever you do have your boyfriend or girlfriend meet your friends or parents, you should let them know or warn them about certain things that might be touchy subjects, or things that might make for sources of conversation during dinner, for instance.