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Expand Your Capacity to Love: A Guide to Making Correct Choices and Right Decisions by Earle Josiah

Reviewed by Chris Phillips

Josiah has given readers another in the series of enlightenment and self-improvement books. Josiah’s style is that of a coach, an old country evangelist, and a drill sergeant. The basic premise is to encourage real people to expand and nurture their ability to love and to be loved.

First, each person should enlarge their capacity for love and this will open them to the ability to love each human. He uses quotations from authors, philosophers and sacred writings to illustrate and actually validate his concepts. Universal Love is above or the higher expression of Human Nature. The nature of love is the basic idea. This principle develops into the Universal Love that transcends basic Human Nature making it stronger and better, seeking Universal Love.

Chapter 2 starts with “The sad truth is evil only comes about when, through ignorance, we forfeit the distinctive goodness with which we have been endowed. And it flourishes because of our failure to expand our capacity to love.” Evil is then from the lower nature making for lower existence. Seeking the higher Love position “lifts the veil of Darkness from your mind.”

The Power and Freedom of the Human Spirit: Introducing Another Theory of Everything by Earle Josiah

  The Power and Freedom of the Human Spirit: Introducing Another Theory of EverythingReviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

Einstein had his Theory of Relativity, and physicists have been trying to develop a better Unified Field Theory ever since then. The greatest philosophy books, it could be said, and the most well- known religious texts around the world, have attempted to do the same thing, though in regards to the spiritual nature of man and the over-all meaning (or lack of a deeper meaning) to morality and life. Lawyer, philosopher and author Earle Josiah’s latest book, The Power and Freedom of the Human Spirit: Introducing Another Theory of Everything attempts to do the same. If you enjoy reading intriguing books on philosophy, the meaning of human life, and the power of the human will and spirit, this is a book you’ll want to add to your personal libraries.

Whether you ultimately agree or disagree with his conclusions, the author presents very well researched and cognitive arguments to support his main thesis that spirit is the driving force of human nature and gives power and vitality to the human body. Though he uses the term “spirit,” and sometimes the word “soul,” Josiah does not necessarily mean to give these two words a religious connotation, at least as far as I can gather. He is just referring to something he feels makes us humans, and not merely bags of skin and bones, driven solely by instincts.

What are some of the topics covered in Josiah’s book? I won’t go into much detail about every chapter, as you can buy the book and see for yourself more in-depth what the author’s views are, but I’ll mention a little bit about a couple of the chapters to give you and idea what the book is like.