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Liquid Soul by Matthew Carter

liquidReviewed by Diane Pollock

Wetted with his victims blood, wedded with his victims soul, a strangely moral killer is lurking…

As the blood falls on his hands, he is transported to a moment of his victim’s life…and he becomes an addict, killing, killing, killing.

In many ways the creepiest aspect of this tale is his desire to learn and grow from his experiences with others lives. He is sympathetic…and yet you also wish to see him caught and forced to end his evil.

This book has a vampric theme…in that the slasher of necks, blood bathing hero feels that he is freeing his victims to a higher purpose and life. He hangs out with them in their burial area and they speak with him and whisper with each other. Not the sort of immorality that is usually envisioned in such a novel, but very interesting nonetheless. I would have liked to have seen more of this aspect of his existence.

The grammar is a bit clunky, and the themes can get quite repetitive. This can add somewhat to the charm if you look at it as the killer’s simple mindset….his way of thinking. This could be made clearer by having his victims speeches more erudite in contrast.

An interesting read for a first effort.