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The Baby’s Astrologer by Chrissie Blaze

The Baby's Astrologer Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

This book is a guide to parenting by the stars. Many of us read horoscopes and charts to find out about our behavior but who would have thought about doing the same to see what causes a baby’s behavior!

Chrissie Blaze has written a very detailed book, which is broken down by each astrological sign. Next, it is broken down into age groups – birth to one year, one to two years, two to three years. Under each age group, the categories covered are eating, sleeping, motor skills, language, and socialization.

The whole idea of this book is for you not to worry about your parenting skills but to be able to respond better to your baby’s needs. By reading this book you will know your child better and understand his strengths and weaknesses.