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Daughters of the Light by Bobby Simmons

Reviewed by Chris Phillips

daughtersSimmons has written a modern day allegory. There is a place for divine intervention in every day life. Nua encounters the loss, the tragedy and yet the uplifting life of a blessed person. As in all allegories there is good and there is evil that masquerades as good.

Written as the story of the life of Nua, the book follows her trials and tribulations, but contrasts well with her victories interspersed. Levitus, her paternal grandparent, raises her from a young age due to her parents’ deaths. There is obvious divine intervention in Nua’s and Levitus’ lives, even when evil seems to prevail on all sides.

Through the events are epistles, written in the style of a formal protocol, similar in form and style to the epistles in the New Testament. There are many examples of parallels between Biblical type illustrations while maintaining a Christian viewpoint without specifically aligning with any denomination or main stream religion. All of this is accomplished without being preachy or overbearing.