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Author, philosopher and thinker Earle Josiah has written several Enlightenment Books that reveal elusive secrets of the universe and hidden truths about mankind that would open your eyes to reality and change your life forever. His profound insights into the great mysteries of life and the more subtle realities of nature are conveyed in a rational, logical and intelligent manner. Easy to understand information and techniques help you discover hidden dimensions of your life and empower you to strive for perfection of your own human expression on earth.

Following several mystical experiences, the former journalist abandoned a successful career with the Associated Press and spent more than 30 years investigating the nature of reality and exploring the deep mysteries of human consciousness. He discovered that vibrating spirit energy in the universe is the supreme driving force of human nature and it manifests as will. The spirit force that reveals itself in humans also governs all movements throughout nature and is the primary principle underlying all creation. His powerful theory reveals that as a manifestation of spirit, will is the primary essence of all things and the fundamental reality in all of nature.

His latest book, The Power and Freedom of the Human Spirit, presents a new understanding of the wondrous world that extends beyond the barriers of normal life. It also offers guidance on how to overcome the imperfection of being, achieve the highest good in life and become master of your own destiny. Another book, Expand Your Capacity to Love, demonstrates that it is possible to overcome life's fundamental problems and also find lasting happiness, peace and fulfillment through the power of love.

The author was born in Trinidad and educated in the United States where he studied philosophy and law. In his first book, published in 1992, he identified Spirit Energy as the vital principle behind the existence and manifestation of all things.

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