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You might say I was born a writer. I began my storytelling career as soon as I could talk. At age six, I discovered "share time" and my imagination was off and running. I persisted in the invention of fantastic stories throughout my childhood. I honed the practice as a teenager, in a most often vain attempt to impress the girls. I grew up in Compton, California. I was nineteen, and trying to distance myself from the gang life, when I met the woman I would marry. Short of my twenty-first birthday we eloped and began a life together that has endured for fifty plus years. Our children came quickly...five in all. The commitment of marriage brought the realities of life into sharp focus for me. I was not able to pursue a college education, but I read, wrote and dreamed nonetheless. I have read voraciously for over fifty years. Twenty years ago, I had the time to take my writing seriously. I have attended adult education classes and completed a course of study with the Long Ridge Writers Group. I continue my education at every opportunity. To date I have completed one novel, soon to be released, and published a collection of short stories. View excerpts from Hyde's Corner at my Website and view excerpts from Screwing the Pooch.