The People vs. Alex Cross by James Patterson

Reviewed by Allen Hott

A typical Patterson book. The People vs Alex Cross is long and detailed but it is also interesting enough to hold the reader’s attention to the end. Alex Cross is a good long time cop who does have somewhat of a reputation for shooting those who oppose him……but it has always been proven that they provoked the shooting by pointing a gun at him or something that made Alex pull the trigger.

In this one he has shot and killed several followers of a major nemesis of his and he contends that they had guns drawn and were pointing them at him. His entire family is in the courtroom in his support and when it appears to be a closed case Alex’s nine year old son, Ali pulls off an astounding work that actually convinces the court to go on hold and rethink the evidence.

Strangely enough while all of this court room drama is going on Alex, along with his fellow police officers, is being drawn into an even deeper situation. It seems John Sampson, Alex’s former partner who is on temporary has gotten involved a case of missing girls. Not only are they young and very pretty but they also are all blondes. Everyone in law enforcement knows that they have been taken prisoners for those reasons. And they also feel quite sure that nothing but harm can come to these young women.

As Alex is finally able to move forward from his own problems he is immediately pushed forward into helping figure out the blondes’ disappearance. Not only who has done it but where are the blondes now and is it only a temporary type of situation such as shooting of a movie or something.

It matters not as Alex and the other officers go forward and start tracking down these girls and they entails more investigations and more entanglement with those who have pulled off the escapade. The whole idea of this part of the crime is substantiated by video so there is some type of evidence to make it a worthwhile hunt and not a mistaken endeavor.

Patterson has done a good job of keeping the reader involved and wanting to get to the end. A good read by a very good author!