The Midnight Library: A Novel by Matt Haig

Reviewed by Teri Takle

How often do you think about your choices that you make every day? You have to decide if you plan to get out of bed, what to wear, what to eat for breakfast, etc…

Nora Seed has choices about her life almost every second. Her choice of suicide brings her to another reality. Could you imagine every single possibility you could have taken in your life? Would life be different for you? Could you have had a happier and more fulfilling life, or were you doomed from the start?

What if there exists a book for every possibility you had chose not to take in your life? Endless opportunities for you that could have been your life?

Would you prefer to read about whether you had chosen to marry, have a family, marry someone else, move across the country, or to a different country? The possibilities are endless.

Why would someone contemplate suicide? What situations would need to be evident for someone choosing not to live another day?

Nora has recently just lost her dead-end job. That has led her here, to this final choice of her life. So, is this a justification for suicide or a chance to become a part of your fictional dreams? Is this an opportunity to do what you dream? Could this be a temporary setback to point you in another direction for your life?

The Midnight Library is unfortunately not memorable. Nora Seed isn’t likable. The other characters are mediocre, but no one, including Nora, is emotionally available to anyone and not impressive. It is a difficult book to identify with in any way.

The pacing is even and organized but lacking an author’s love of writing this story. It’s impersonal feeling as if this is an initial idea that is incomplete.

Matt Haig is a British author who has published the books Reasons to Stay Alive and A Boy Called Christmas, The Radleys, and The Humans; the last two were award-winners.

The Midnight Library was easy reading, but like the character, Nora, just not fulfilling. Maybe it’s rather like daily life, same old, same old blah.

Go find something, anything better to read.