The Fiancèe by Kate White

Reviewed by Lily Andrews

The Fiancèe is a mystery thriller novel by one of the best-selling authors, Kate White. The plot revolves around the Keaton family of Ash Keaton, Claire Keaton, and their four sons: Gabriel, Blake, and fraternal twins, Marcus and Nick.

The author uses the first-person narrative through one of the characters, Summer, who is Gabriel’s wife. The Keatons hold extravagant and lovely vacations in their family home but on this particular vacation, Summer feels uneasy and anxious as she, Gabriel, and her step-son, Henry make their way to the Keatons. As the get-together begins, Nick introduces his fiancee, Hannah, to the family during one of their dinners in the evening. Everyone is utterly surprised that Nick, known for his usual casual flings, wants to settle down with a woman he has hardly known for two weeks. The matriarch of the family, Claire, whom all her stepdaughters find controlling and judgemental except for Summer, is particularly not pleased with the announcement.

Soon, a series of mysterious occurrences begin to happen, including the death of one of the Keatons which Summer is convinced was a homicide. Adding to her fear and troubles, she feels disconnected from her husband, Gabriel, who is at his wit’s end with her suspicions and narratives. Nobody seems to believe her despite the suspicious happenings going on. What seemed to have likely turned out as an exciting, restful vacation full of fun was slowly becoming a nightmare. Everyone is getting consumed in their personal troubles while trying to keep their head up to the scary events unraveling. Could a murderer be on the loose in the Keaton’s family property?

Author Kate White has written an enthralling story. It captures the theme of disguise perfectly and the proverb: All that glitters is not gold, really well. The gripping suspense at the end of every chapter urges the reader on till the end. I could hardly put the book down once I started reading it. She does a great job capturing the tone of the protagonist and the reader easily gets drawn into the narrative. I liked that even when the text seemed like it was going to be predictable, it turns you in directions you never thought of. I enjoyed getting to know each character through the persona’s eyes and thought the storyline was fantastic.