Slip Out the Back, Jack: A bone-chilling gritty serial killer thriller (Jack Ryder Book 2) by Willow Rose

Reviewed by Allen Hott

An interesting but somewhat confusing book by one of the busiest writers in the marketplace right now. Willow Rose is a Scandinavian writer by birth but now resides in the United States and has had over 125 books published in this country. She writes Mystery, Thriller, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense, Horror, Supernatural thrillers, and Fantasy.

Slip Out the Back, Jack is somewhat of a combination mystery thriller with some romance interspersed throughout. One of the first

chapters tells of a surprise gun attack in a crowded theater but it takes several more chapters before the reasons for that in this book to become apparent. Following the flow of the total story takes some work by the reader as there are several different occurrences that have to come together to make it a complete story.

But as these things happen Jack Ryder, a detective, is a major part of the entire book as he tries to live his life solving mostly murders while he raises his children, at least partially, as his separated wife also does her part in this job.

Now though Jack is involved with another woman, Shannon King, who recently moved into his building. Shannon is a professional singer and has begun making it higher and higher into the big time music world. The media also is beginning to make a big deal of their affair and although Shannon wasn’t really happy with the added exposure Jack saw no problem. He just keeps on living his detective style life and enjoying the arrangement.

Since it was springtime another group is brought into the story as some northerners with their teenaged kids come in to the area to go to the beach. One of this group becomes more and more involved as the story goes on. He seems for some reason to be tracking Shannon and as it turns out he appears to be the shooter that occurred early on in the crowded theater.

There is much going on between families, friends, and people who just come together for one reason or another. However everything that happens is pretty well being tracked by Jack as he tries to sort through these various arrangements. He is also much involved in finding the shooter because it isn’t too far along into the plot before Shannon definitely becomes or appears to become a target of the shooter.

It is a good read but definitely one that the reader has to be staying ahead of as to which individuals belong to which group. And also why is all of this going on. It is easy to see Jack’s concern because he has family including young girls involved. Some of them are his from a previous marriage but also Shannon has one that appears to become involved which now concerns Jack also.

As the reader moves along he has to stay tuned to who belongs to which family or group and what does each individual have to do with the whole story. Great read as long as the reader stays on top of the plot and its characters completely!