Anxious People: A Novel by Fredrick Backman

Reviewed by Teri Takle

If you ever read a book that was not what you expected, Anxious People could easily be the one.

You have a finite group of people: a bank robber, a real estate agent, an older couple looking for an apartment to flip into a profit, their hired person trying to help them purchase, a two-women couple with one expecting a baby soon looking for a home, an elderly neighbor, an overly-wealthy bank executive, a senior police officer, and his son, a newer police officer following in his dad’s footsteps; all deciding who should and shouldn’t buy the apartment. The exceptions are the policemen who are attempting to arrest the bank robber.

Being human, each person possesses secrets that can change how others perceive them, and no one wants their secrets revealed.

Are you confused yet?

Anxious People is funny with twists as the reader learns about each character, slowly revealing themselves to others. While always making you question what these people are doing and why.
Characterization is phenomenal in Anxious People. You quickly develop a visual person and their personality for each one allowing you to understand their motivations.

Solving this mystery is fun since no one could predict this ending. I adored the end and wishing that the real world would use this novel as an example for problem-solving.

I found myself wondering if the author or the translator is most responsible for this intriguing novel. Their partnership creates a story that is an addictive page-turning phenomenon. I was continually thinking about the book even when not reading.

Fredrick Backman is a Swedish author who wrote the bestselling book, A Man Called Ove and numerous novels.

Anxious People is a novel I recommend to everyone, especially in the stress of today’s world.
What is unusual in Anxious People was the usage of problem-solving skills which unfortunately are under-used in the real world.

Did the book make me anxious? Unquestionably, yes, as my mind could not release my thoughts from it. Will the anxiousness be resolved? Read Anxious People to discover that answer.