The Mother-In-Law by Kiersten Modglin

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The very short book starts with a Prologue which gives the reader a bit of an idea of what is going to happen. But! Why, when, how, and “oh my gosh’ is all wrapped up in the book’s telling. And it is a good telling.

Loren is out walking with her four year old daughter when Rynlee, the daughter, pulls away from Loren’s hand. Rynlee is off chasing a dog and as she catches up to him she drops her ice cream cone which the dog quickly gobbles up. Then the dog’s owner, a man about Loren’s age, comes up and begins to apologize. Loren stops him and says it was Rynlee’s problem and not to worry.

The man, Jack, quickly introduces himself and takes them across the street to his bar or shop, as he calls it. And with that Jack and Loren seem destined to become a perfect pair. Actually they do and meet up with just a few unfortunate incidents that always seem to be triggered by Jack’s mother,

Before we meet Jack’s mother though, another character, Meredith, is brought into the picture. It turns out that she is Loren’s slightly older cousin and she is very close to Loren. Readers need to remember her name because she also plays an important part in the book!

As Loren and Jack get closer she invites him to her home which has been in her family for many, many years. Jack is immediately impressed and can’t get over how well cared for it is. He begins working very hard at his courtship of this great lady and her life.

He does bring his mother, Coralee, into the picture and she slowly but surely becomes not only a part of the picture but actually becomes the picture. She begins kind of quietly doing some strange things. Some of these involve Rynlee which irritates Loren but she tries to work around it because she has her sights on Jack.

As the story continues Loren and Jack do marry and then the real happenings of the story begin to come out into the open. More and more quirky things are done by Coralee which really upset both Loren and Jack. But what do you do about such a close family member?

Not only do they find out exactly what happens with these strange things but the reader finds out also as The Mother-in Law comes to a really strange and unbelievable ending. Everyone needs to read this just so they can prepare themselves for family occurrences that should never happen…..but do!!!!